7 Retail Trends That Will Shape How You Shop In 2016?

After consulting with their contributors and stockholders, shopping experts have redefined the retail trends for the year, 2016. Following are the 7 most important trends or aspects that will shape how you will or should shop in 2016.

I. Amazon Would Face Challenges

Most of the reputed retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom etc. have started to impact on their shoppers while implementing better technology and enhanced shopping services. No matter, Amazon is the father of digital retailing industry for many years; however, this time Amazon will have to review its tactics and marketing strategies due to heavy competition in retailing industry. If you are looking for getting the best deals on Target, Walmart, or Nordstrom products then there is no better place than Paylessdeal, where you can compare and shop your heart favorite products at the cheapest rates.

II. Retailers Will Exploit the Mainstreaming of the Health & Wellness Trend

In 2016, retailers will fully utilize its trends of health and fitness. And, it will help for those shoppers especially who are interested in other than just traditional food. On the other hand, it will create opportunities for hundreds of brands as well to display their products on a single platform.

III. Entrance of Beacon Technologies

Beacon sensors, which are used in shelves, displays, and signs, will continue to grow for in-store mobile technology due to the heavy completion among various online retailers.

IV. Retailers Will Calculate Customers data beyond eCommerce & Marketing

Advance shopping analytics will be implemented to improve localization, which is suspected as a crucial aspect in 2016. These advance analytic algorithms will also assist to improve the product’s design & demand infrastructure as well as demand and pricing decisions.

V. Online Surge will impact Store Closings

It is also suspected that more and more stores, especially smaller ones, will be shut down this year due to the huge rise in eCommerce and price comparison shopping.

VI. Retailers Will Pursue with Food

Retailers have become intelligent now and they are finding more ways to boost up the business as soon as possible. In 2016, one of the trends will be to offers shop mouthwatering food online to attract more customers.

VII. Apparel Sales and Gains

According to Bloomberg intelligence, apparel sales will probably increase in 2016. And, the reason behind is the fashion trends, which will not change in a massive way. On the other hand, people will look for fitness apparel more instead of fashion apparel. It is good news for clothing retailers such as Under Armour too, which sells big range of fitness apparel. To shop at Under Armour and similar brands online, always try to visit Paylessdeal where you will be able to compare prices and get a cheap buy in a convenient way.


7 Tips for Buying School Shoes Online


Kids spend approximately 30 hours a week in their school shoes, or more than 15,000 hours throughout their school time period, so it’s very important they’re fitted appropriately. In the early 11 years of a kid’s life, feet will grow through around 17 shoe sizes, up until they are 18 years of age, and ill-fitting shoes can be a reason for troubles in later life, like ingrown toenails, corns and bunions, which might even need surgery afterward in life. Here are tips to order perfectly fitting school shoes online with Price comparison.

Make sure both feet are measured:

When you measure your kid’s feet in-store yourself, or a children’s shoe specialist does the same activity, make clear in your mind that both feet are measured perfectly. The majority children, and adults, will have one foot that is longer or wider, so it’s most important to measure both feet. Don’t order over-large shoes, because they can cause injuries, something that’s always worth checking with a shoe fitter.

Kids’ feet are individual:

Your kid’s feet are however growing and the bones in their feet are still developing. Almost partially of children will have even feet and a fifth may have high arches. Because shoes are supposed to be long-lasting with good quality cushioning, providing inside and outside comfort. If you can, see an expert shoe fitter while ordering school shoes online, as manufacturers frequently make different styles for unlike foot shapes.

Check for the toes wriggle:

If you’re not sure whether new school shoes fit properly or not, just ensure for the toe jiggle .your kid must be able to move their toes freely, the shoes should n’t injure and there should be no bulges from the toes.

Quality shoes last longer:

Whereas school shoes are another compulsory expense, keep in mind that ordering better quality shoes may actually save you cash, since they won’t wear down so simply and need to be replaced all through the school year. Make sure soles/heel made from rubber and double-stitching all-around the toe area will give a longer life to shoes.

Buy shoes at the end of the day:

As you may choose to head out shiny and early to get your kid’s shoes fitted, keep in mind that it’s best to go during late afternoon, as kid’s feet frequently get a little more become swollen by the end of the day. This way, you’ll get school shoes fixed when your kid’s feet are at their biggest.

Shoes will often last a school year:


After three years of age your kid’s foot will grow up nearly half a size every six months, indicating that school shoes will usually last between nine to twelve months. On the other hand, if your kid has a growth gush throughout the school year, their feet may have increased up in size too.

Have grown pains checked out:

In years gone by, kids are making complain of pain in the legs and feet would be told not to be concerned since it was just due to ‘growing pains’. Now Expert view has changed, and podiatrists now advise parents to get checked any foot or leg pain, because most foot soreness in kids is stoppable.


Buying kids shoes is important. The perfect pair of shoes will not only make a kid cheerful, but will also safeguard his or her feet from any harm, Take into account everything about the shoes before ordering them online, make sure you are done with shopping comparison on different websites.

6 Pro Secrets to Find Right Perfume

pro-Securit-for-PerfumeWe are big fans of online shopping and it has become a trend nowadays to shop online.  People prefer the ease of their own address instead of having to deal with traffic, parking, and crowds. Online you can also do a shopping comparison, bargain hunt and price check before you going to purchase required product/item.

Here are tips for buying a perfume online:

1.  Do research:

Be careful of cut-rate fragrances. You can in fact end up with a really poor perfume if you place an order from a less than reputable company. Do your research. Make sure consumer reviews/feedback and afterward, even Yelp to make sure that the spot you’re ordering from is legal/valid. To get a top hint of how other people tend to like the perfume in question, do a search to see if it has been covered by any website or news outlets. Their experiences possibly will assist, inform your conclusion. Be sure to take notice of any return policies if you are not satisfied with the product it can be exchanged.

2. Sign up for a quiz:

Some websites and companies offer scent personality quizzes that will facilitate you come to a decision what your olfactory preferences are, your real personality and what type of standard of living you lead. All of these are significant factors for finding your ideal scent.

3. Pay attention to the descriptions:

As it turns out, those descriptions of deodorant on websites are absolutely not bogus. Fragrances should actually be described with something that evokes some class of sensation. In this way, you’ll get an understanding of whether or not that kind of scent matches your personality and lifestyle.

4 Know your notes:

You’re assured to see the statement “notes” in the description of any perfume online. Yet they can be divided into as many as seven distinct groups, different notes are divided into four main themes or families: fresh, floral, woody and oriental. Intending what theme suits you best may possibly help you decide the accurate perfume. Be concerned about your guide.

5. Fresh:

This family consists of clean, chic, and elegant notes—meaning anything citrus, green, and organic (think fresh air after a rainstorm). Go with a fragrance with fresh notes if you’re looking for something outdoorsy and fresh.


In this family, you’ll get notes of roses, lilies and jasmine, to name a few. You’ll also find floral blends, like fruity floral which will have notes of strawberries, pomegranate, or guava, for instance and floral oriental which will have notes of spices like vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Because of this, you have an appealing big collection of options when it comes to floral scents. You’ll find both soft and delicate scents as well as heroic and exotic ones in this class. This family of scents is best for the ultra-feminine lass.


Always attempt to do a price comparison and get a cheaper retailer store, particularly when you are buying online. The best approach is to exercise a high rated price comparison site. These sites are laden with almost all kinds of the best stores in their listings, it enables you to shop and grasp the cheapest deals offered. With this method, you can choose your right product.

7 Tips to Payless while Buying Makeup and Beauty Products



As the makeup and beauty market is increasing, the demand of newly developed products is also increasing. There is always something new available in the market for the makeup accessories, anti-aging and skin care treatments. And if you are a beauty conscious lady then it is very hard that you resist yourself for buying an incredible new beauty item. On the other hand, this thing can cost you much so beauty comparison shopping lets you choose the desired product at the best possible price. This way, you may even find some cheap buying deals.

Following tips will show how you can save a handsome amount of money on your favorite makeup & beauty products.

1. Buy Makeup & Beauty Products Online

The best way to save more on beauty products is by purchasing online. It can save a big amount of your money. Online beauty retailers and merchants can afford to provide major discounts and promotions as they have lesser overhead than retail shops.

2. Take Advantage of Coupons

Another convenient way to save money on beauty products is by using special codes during checkout process including coupon codes, promo codes, and discount codes. Price comparison sites give the best way to acquire these kinds of discounts as you can compare which retailer is offering the best rebates online.

3. Utilising the Promotions

Just like coupons, promotions are also a convenient way to save money online. Mostly major cosmetic firms have promotions where they provide a cosmetic set with a minimum buy. So whenever you see a promotion on your favorite beauty item the try to avail it. However, if you don’t like the particular product, which has promotion product, then it is recommended that you avoid buying this kind of product.

4. Register yourself Online

One tip is that you register yourself against beauty website’s newsletter to stay connected with the latest offers, promotions, and deals. So every time you found an email regarding that particular beauty shop, view it as soon as possible because some offers become expire within 24 hours.

5. Buy in Bulk

Always try to buy cosmetic products in bulk, especially if they are related to shampoos, conditioners, soaps, beauty creams, powders, etc. This way you will get maximum savings on the regular cosmetic products.

6. Try Samples First

It is good that you search those merchants or manufacturers which could let you try free samples of a specific product before purchase. Most of the people buy a product while attracting to its covering or offer and waste their valuable money. The free samples let you try newly arrived cosmetic items to see either they are suited for you or not. This way, you can save your extra money.

7. Use of Price Comparison Shopping

Once you have found the desired cosmetic product of your desired brand, you can use price comparison shopping utility to avail the best price effectively and efficiently. But make sure to consider shipping charges especially if you are purchasing from the different country.


While considering the above 7 basic tips in mind, you can make your makeup and beauty purchasing cheap. You can save money through various kinds of promotions, codes, and special kinds of deals that a particular dealer offers time to time. You can also cut down your purchasing budget by registering online and bulk purchase. And don’t forget to compare price of the selected product from the most reputed retailers of your area.

How to compare video projector prices online?


Projector is a great device which provides so much convenience while displaying presentations, no matter these are related to college/university, hospital, or intelligence purposes. In addition, you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and video games while on the go. There are a variety of video projectors available in the market, from small pocket size projector to a laptop sized. Pocket size projectors are ideal for travelling and available at affordable price tag. But no matter which type you choose, best results can be availed only via a best brand model.

There are some critical features that make a projector model flourished and highly productive, which is difficult to get with old school ways of shopping. Projectors price comparison online is an impeccable choice that can make your search convenient and time savvy for a perfect and cheap buy.

The eCommerce stores with having projectors category and their price checker links provide maximum ease in tracing the cheap deal in no time while sitting at home. Let’s see how projectors price checker websites assist someone in making a best deal for the desired projector.

All Brands and Models at Single Place

There are many well-known electronics brands active that manufacture high class video projectors, so the variety is really unlimited for the models of these devices. Price checker sites let you shop all the major brands projectors at a single place, without going to a single vendor’s site for purchasing. Hence, whether you are searching for Sony, BenQ, and LG or want to purchase the latest model of Panasonic, Epson, Samsung, etc. you will get all at these online sources. And you don’t need to worry about the availability of these brands or models as all these listings come from multiple resources.

Desired Product at Cheap Price

The e-stores for these devices let you select the desired and best projector model at a minimum cost by giving you compare the price feature which may also provide free shipping facility to cut down the additional costs. You can check for projectors screen size, the display resolutions, acoustic noise, contrast ratio, light output and other specs that will assist you to get a perfect estimation of its real cost and functionality after buy.

There is a huge list of models of all popular brands at a single destination along with prices and all features available in these stores. These online sources display some extremely cheap models to choose from.

Compare any Type – Old Plus New

The price checker sources let you compare the price for the different kind of projectors listed. They have all kinds of current and old models of projectors including CRT, LCD, LCOS, and DLP that let facilitate you to choose from both fresh and used stocks.

Reviews for Getting the Best Buy

Not only this, you can also get useful reviews against each projector model or type from these price checker and comparison sites. Usually, a user after purchasing a product can write a review and give stars from 1 to 5, where 5 show the best possible experience. These reviews help other shoppers to purchase the best item at the minimum cost.

7 Best Tips to Save Money


How to Save Money?

No matter how your financial life is going, you always look to take the first step of moving things towards your favor. But, sometimes to take a very first step is the hardest part. That’s the reason why I organised this list of 7 tips for money saving. None of these are so hard to follow and anyone can implement them by just doing a little effort. So, let’s get started.

1.> Turn off the TV and Unnecessary Lightings

We waste our most of our time while watching TV. If we cut down the time of watching television, we can get several benefits including low electric bill, maximum time utlisation to other activities (i.e. side business), and you can even save yourself by getting caught by different kinds of cheap ads that run on the TV periodically. And if you want to save even more, then unplug the TV cable forever.

Similarly, you should turn off those lights or lamps where there is no need to turn them on. If two or three persons can work within a single room, there is no need to occupy a separate room. By keeping these simple ideas in the mind, you can reduce extra electricity units.

2.> Make a List prior to Shopping

No matter what method you choose for shopping, try to make a comprehensive list before. It will not only save your time while shopping but also save your valuable money which might be ended up by making impulse purchases. To make it perfect, try to include the most basic items on the top of the list.

3.> Sign up for Free Customer Rewards Program

Through free customer rewards program at the retailers shop, you can to save plenty of money. Subscribe to their newsletter and try to check every mail in your inbox. So whenever you plan to shop, grab their exciting discount cards, coupons, and more.

4.> Take advantage of Bank Accounts transfer

Usually, banks charge a monthly fee for savings and current bank accounts. You can take advantage of the newest offers by transferring them to others. Mostly banks nowadays provide sign-up bonuses for the new users. And some of them also offer good interest rates.

5.> Price Comparison Shopping

Always try to do a price comparison and get a cheaper retailer store, particularly if you are shopping online. The best way is to use a high rated price comparison site. These sites are loaded with almost all kinds of best stores in their listings and let you an opportunity to shop and grab the cheapest deals available. With this method, you can save a huge amount of money.

There are many big and reputed price comparison and review websites available on the internet which work like a search engine to shop any kind of purchasing. Most of us don’t know the power of these type of sites and end up by losing the best deals available at the merchant’s store. Just select the top 2 or 3 sites and bookmark them.

6.> Avoid fast food

Most of us waste a huge portion of our monthly wage on fast foods and ordering pre-packed lunch or dinner. If we calculate it then we will analyse that we are spending almost double comparing with the home-cooked food. So it is better to cook at home some healthy and nutritious food instead spending your money on expensive food.  And fast food is also harmful for health conscious people.

7.> Purchase only high-quality Appliances

Last but not least money saving tip is to buy only high quality and long lasting appliances from the well-recognised brands. Almost all reputed and biggest brands give a warranty, and some of them even provide product replacement utility as well.

Always think long-term while shopping for these appliances. For example, if a branded and energy efficient dishwasher is costing you 500$ more than an average dishwasher, but giving you 10 years extended warranty. Well, you must go for the branded one because you will save money at the end.

Shop Wisely for Shoes and PayLess

Pay Less, Get More Comfort

payless-for-high-heels-and-sports-shoesShoes are the most integral part of attire. Gentlemen through generations have been taught to take care of the shine of their shaves and shoes. Women know the importance of a good shoe not only in terms of beauty but comfort also. When shopping for shoes, we usually consider three things: style, price and comfort. Unfortunately we all tend to compromise on comfort if we get a nice looking shoe for a good price. When it comes to shoes, don’t buy expensive highly fashionable ones for mere style. Buy wisely, pay less and go for comfort rather than fashion. Here are some health hazards of ill-fitting shoes.

High Heels:

Victoria Bekham said “Flat heels make your whole personality flat.” And many women would agree to that. Sadly women wearing high heels regularly pay a heavy price for their high style quotient. According to health experts, high heels damage the body in more than one ways. When the heel of the foot is raised, the center of gravity shifts from the base of the spine. You have to move your upper body forward to keep the balance and that puts your spine in an unnatural position. Not only that but high heels also put an extra pressure on the balls of feet. Prolonged pressure damages the foot in the long run due to which knees and the lower back get affected. The shins also suffer because of high heels. The muscles in the lower calf are flexible. When you wear high heels every day, these muscles shrink and after sometime it is difficult to stretch them back to their original position.

Narrow Toes:

Trying to fit your foot into those pretty, narrow toed shoes can cost your foot its beauty and sometimes function too. The front of the foot is curled in an unpleasant position and the base joint of the big toe is either pushed up or grows outwards in a painful bony growth. This not only gives the foot an unsightly appearance but also a lot of pain. Narrow toes of shoes are also responsible for those painful corns and ingrown nails we all want to avoid at all costs.

Ill Fitting:

Ill fitted shoes are responsible for many ailments of the foot. When we wear ill fitted shoes with straps at the ankle, the tight backs of the shoes not only peel the skin from the back of the ankle but also cause a bony growth in the heel. Ill fitted shoe cause a thickening of the nerves in the sole of the feet that may make waking painful and cause the numbness of the foot.

Fortunately there are many reliable brands that are making life easier for style conscious women. Shoes are made with snug arch pads to give you greater comfort and fitting. Block heels are designed to put equally distributed pressure on your spine and knee while giving those extra inches. The best part is, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant price for this comfort. Shop for shoes wisely and you actually pay less and get the best shoes that are equally stylish and easy on your foot.