OnePlus 6-Revie, Full specifications, Large Display with the Stunning look and long battery backup

OnePlus is China-based company currently serving in 34 countries. The company is participating in the development of the smart world with smartphones. OnePlus has introduced many smartphones, its famous for its specification and beautiful design. The OnePlus 6 is the great invention of the OnePlus company. It features 8GB fastest RAM and the large display of 6.28-inches. The 16MB camera captures the moments with HD results. It was released in the month of May and came in the market. With large 6.28-inches of display and fastest RAM, it gained fame among the other smartphones. If we talk about the price, OnePlus 6 64gb price in Australia is not much higher as it is difficult to purchase. The comparison between price and specification shows that it cheaper than other smartphones.

Release Date in Australia:

OnePlus 6 started its journey on 22 May 2018. The phone is now available for purchase in the markets of Australia and some other part of the word like the US. UK India and many more. It is demanded smartphone of the present time.


OnePlus 6 runs on the smooth and efficient version of Android that is Android 8.1Oreo. Octa-core processor and 8GB of RAM increase the processing speed. The 16MB HD cam able to capture your moments by efficient ways. The 6.28 inches of display and the stunning design enhance the beauty of the smartphone. The 7.8 thickness and 177gm weigh give the tight holding ability to the smartphone.

It is available in Midnight black, Mirror black, Silk White, and Amber Red. Let discuss the features in detail.

  • Display:

The phone made from Optic AMOLED touchscreen with 16M color. The screen gives the display in the resolution of 1080×2280 pixels. The 6.28-inches of display gives beauty to it. the Corning Gorilla glass 5 gives protection to the touchscreen.

  • Camera:

The OnePlus 6 is equipped with HD dual camera of 16MP and 20MP with dual LED-flashlight. The camera able to record videos in HD results and the camera features including autofocusing, DHR and panorama. The selfie cam is also autofocus having auto-focus feature and megapixels up 16.

  • Internal Memory:

The internal memory of the smartphone helps somehow in the smooth working. It allows you to install extra apps to your phone and also essential data can be stored. OnePlus 6 do not have an external memory card slot. It built in memory raised up to 264GB.

  • Battery Life:

As compared to the display, the battery is not more efficient is it to be. The battery timing depends on the mAh values. OnePlus 6 has the non-removable battery with just 3300mAh battery power.

 Price and Availability:

OnePlus 6 entered the market in the month of May. It is now available in most of the countries. The price is cheaper according to the specification it holds. The fastest RAM with large display is the cause of its fame. OnePlus 6 64gb Australia is the most popular and demanding smartphone of all time. The 6.28-inches of display fetch the people toward itself. The price of the of OnePlus 6 lies in between AU$470-AU$480.


Men Boots-Review, the best guide to buy the boots, style yourself with passion

The boots are an item used to wear and comfortability. The boots basically design for professional use and for a special occasion. The boots of different varieties available in the market. The boots for casual use, the boost for professional use, and the boots for traveling etc. The purpose of the boost helps in the selection of the boots. As concern with the mens boots prices, the leather boots with huge prices are at the peak of the price list. The leather boots are durable and long lasting than other. It also grooms your personality and designs your look with perfections. The boots trends almost all over the world that why the boots are highly demanded in the market and the demand is increasing day by day.

If we talk about the selection of the boots, then care should be taken while having the boots. Especially some boosts are designed for special purpose like professional boots for office use and causal use can be used for parties etc. let discuss proper guide for the selection of the right boots.

The best Guide to buy the Boots:


  • Consider the purpose of Buying Boots:

When you are going to buy a pair of boots keep in mind the purpose of buying, either you want boots for office use or for casual use. The boots for office use are highly professional and well designed. The causal boots may be of your choice and buy shoes that suit your personality.

  • The Design of the Boots:

Hundreds of designs available in the market. Go for the design that perfectly matches to your dress and personality. Try to find the boots that match almost all of your dresses, it may save your cost.

  • The Durability of the Boots:

The material of the boots decides the durability of the boots. The leather boots in the market are more durable than any other material. Go for the purity of the material and durable boots.

  • Water Resistant:

The boots me change their shape when faces the water.  Ensure the resistivity of the material and go for water-resistant boots. Water resistant boots are more durable than others.

  • Ensure the Grip:

Try before you buy. Make sure that it is not too loose and not too tight to you. Select the grip where you feel comfortable.

  • Check out Comfort Level:

The boots are for every season, winter and summer etc. try to find the boots that warm your feet in winter and gives comfort in the summer season. Do for the boots with comfort level high around the whole year.


Price and Availability:

The boots can be bought through any market. The online platforms also available across the world, they provide low rates with free shipping and good quality. The prices differ across the countries, as mens boots prices Australia lies between 70AUD-200AUD. The price change accordingly with the increase in the quality and the design of the shoes.

The Leather Boots-Review, Walk with Comfort and Style, types of Leather Boots

The leather is made from the animal skin. The quality of the leather depends on the purity of the leather. The leather has been using since many years ago for making daily use items such as boots, jackets, covers, and sheets. Now a day the leather is professionally used for making boots, jackets, sofas and different others items like that. The leather products become famous among the people and its demand increases day by day.  The leather Boots have a high demand in the market. Different types of boots available in the market with the different styles and quality, the quality depend on the purity of the Leather. The Womens Leather Boots prices depend on the purity and quality of the material. The pure leather’s boots are costlier than low-quality leather boots. The Leather products famous across the whole world, especially among the cold weather countries. Here we discuss some types of Leather Boots.


 Some types of Leather Boots:

Patent Leather:

The patent leather boots made from the calfskin. The skin highly polished to get the skin like a mirror. Patent shoes are the most formal one and mostly comes in black color.


it is said that, if you want to have only one pair of formal shoes then go for calfskin shoes. The calfskin prepared from the skin of young cows well prepared to make shoes. The calfskin shoes are famous worldwide because of its usability and durability.

Shell Cordovan:

Shell Cordovan is the hardest and rear material shoes present on the earth.  The horse skin is used to make Shell Cordovan. The Skin of the horse prepares in such a way that it remains in its original form. The Shell Cordovan material is hard because of the not stressed original skin.

Scotch Grain:

For the first time, Scotland introduced the Scotch Grain Leather. Scotch Grain leather shore are highly weathered resistant and could remain for decades if properly cared.  It is famous among the English people and takes as a formal shoe.


Suede is the French word meaning Swedish gloves. The Suede is the lightweight material and normally wears in the summer season. It is prepared from the upper side of the skin. The skin made smoother as needed. The Suede is famous among Asian people.


The Roughout leather is prepared from the rough side of the leather. The rough side of the leather is as much durable as it can bear many waves of abuse. It is favorite for Marin Corps. The boots famous for its durability and its unique style.


The pull-up was first introduced in the 1920s. Pull-up leather is heavily oiled and waxes during preparation like aniline when pull-up its color lightens. The pull-up shoes are favorite for casual shoes.


Price and Availability of Leather Shoes:

The leather boots are the most costlier than other types of shoes. The prices depend on the quality and the purity of the material. Every country has its own price, depending on the leather prices. If we talk about the Australian leather shoes, the Womens Leather boots prices Australia almost higher than other countries because most of the Australian weather is cold and people prefer the leather item to have comfort.

Women Sunglasses –Review, Best women Sunglasses Brands, why you should not go out without sunglasses

The sunglasses use to protect the eyes from sunshine and the dangerous ultraviolet. The sunglasses use polarized glass that decreases the glare of the sunlight and its intensity. The ultraviolet radiations emitted from sunlight and can cause dangerous diseases to the eyes. The sunglasses usually used during the sunny day when men or women go out to do shopping and for traveling etc.  The sunglasses protect the eyestrain by reducing the glare of the sunlight. The women use mostly sunlight as a style and also use to protect the eyes from damage.  The women sunglasses prices vary on the basis of styles and the brand.


Best women Sunglasses Brands:

  • Ray-Ban RB 4171 ERIKA:

The famous brand with stunning style and great look. This is the polarized women sunglasses costing $163.

  • Oakley 004070 FEEDBACK:

Oakley is the famous and expensive brand and makes comfortable sunglasses. This sunglass is polarized and costing $213.

  • Ray-Ban RB3576N 47:

RB3576N 47 is not polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses costing almost $198.

  • Costa GANNET 58:

Costa produces glasses with amazing styles and with great comfort level, Costa GANNET 58 costing approx. $169.

  • Bvlgari BV6098 61:

Bvlgari is the most expensive brand because of its unique style and design, Bvlgari BV6098 61

Costing up to $480.

  • Tory Burch TY606153:

Tory Burch launched many stunning designs in the market and famous for its unique style Tory Burch TY606153 costing approx. $200.00.

  • Michael Kors MK2068 SANIBEL:

Michael Kors is the American fashion designers and designed many styles sunglasses like Michael Kors MK2068 SANIBEL costing up to $159.

  • Persol P03199S 53:

Persol, the famous brand around the world and produces unique sunglasses Persol P03199S 53 costing up to $350.

  • Valentino VA2009 58:

Valentino is also a famous brand with high prices and famous designs Valentino VA2009 58 costing up to $390.


Why you should not go out without sunglasses:

Skincare: Approximately 10% of the people have skin cancer because of the ultraviolet radiations. So wear the sunglasses and avoid yourself from skin disease.

Cataracts: Cataracts are the disease cause from ultraviolet radiation. Almost nine lack people suffer from blindness because of Cataracts which cause cloudiness in the lens of the eyes.

Macular Degeneration: The ultraviolet radiation can damage light sensing cell which allows you to see objects clearly. Sunglasses give protection against ultraviolet radiation damages.

Pterygium: The disease from eye suffers and cause abnormal growth of tissues. Having this disease case disturbance of vision. The sunglasses protect your eyes from damaging and also gives protection against the ultraviolet radiations.


Price of the women sunglasses:

The survey says that the women’s products are expensive than men. The women prefer the brand and they have more cost than locally made. The price also varies on the basis of a brand to brand and country to country. As we see that the women sunglasses Prices Australia may start from $50 and goes up to 400$. Although the sunglasses are expensive the health is more important than any other thing.

Huawei MateBook X Pro-Review the Stunning Laptop with Highest Screen-to-Body Ratio:

Huawei is the chines telecommunication company has built its place in the smartphone market. Huawei’s smartphones becoming famous across the world. The Huawei’s smartphones are demanding in the whole smartphone market. After success in the smartphone market, it took step toward Laptops. Huawei has announced Mate book in 2017 and now Huawei MateBook X Pro is going to be released shortly. There is no announcement received from the company but the expectation says that it will be going to be launched in the running year. The price may be different according to the countries Huawei MateBook X Pro in Australia may be sold for 2390 AUD to 3050 AUD.

Huawei MateBook X Pro Release Date in Australia:

The Huawei company going to Huawei MateBook X Pro but there is no any final announcement received from the authority. It is expected that Huawei MateBook X Pro in Australia will be soon released and it is also expected that it will enter the market in the running year.


It is expected that Huawei MateBook X Pro will have stunning speed and fastest laptop of the Huawei Mate book series. It will be available in Intel Core i5-8250U having Intel HD graphics 620 and Intel Core i7-8500 with NVidia Max 150. Huawei MateBook X Pro book will run the Windows operating system. Let discuss some other specification:

  • Storage: internal storage will be 256/512 SS.
  • Weight: Huawei MateBook X Pro have weight up to 1.33kg.
  • Audio: It will have good audio speakers. The Quad speakers with Dolby Atoms installed.
  • Screen: Huawei MateBook X Pro will hav3 13.9-inches with 3000*2000 LTPS display.
  • Battery: Non-removable battery with 57.4 Wh of power.
  • Webcam:           it also facilities with 1MP of the camera.
  • Bluetooth: Huawei MateBook X Pro has 4.1 Bluetooth module.
  • RAM: it will have 8/16 GB of RAM:


As concern with the design, the Huawei MateBook X Pro have stunning look with slightly round edges. It is slim and easy to hold. Its lid can be open with the single hand only. 3 USB ports and on the left side and one headphone jack is the part of the charming design. The smooth touch and small keyboard also make the design more preferable.


 The laptops are made for working purpose the good working laptops prefers more than the slow one. The processing speed, the program or software loading speed some of the characteristics that enhance the performance of the laptop. The performance is controlled by CPU “control processing Unit” and by the RAM “Random Access Memory” Huawei MateBook X Pro have core i5 CPU and core i7 CPU. It is supported by RAM which depends upon the requirements. It may start from 4 to 16 GB of RAM.

Huawei MateBook X Pro Price:

There is no any announced price but the expectation is that it will enter the market with 1899 of euros about $3050 Huawei MateBook X Pro Price in Australia may start from 2390 AUD to 3050 AUD.

Google Pixel 3 Full Review – Release Date, Price and Specifications

Over the past couple of years, Google has been making inroads into the smartphone market but it seems like Google hasn’t yet mounted a well-known brands such as Apple and Samsung. Perhaps, everything would be changed with Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The availability of Google Pixel 3 in Australia is undecided but we’ve got a list of updated Google Pixel 3 specifications and other features. Let’s keep going and see what it dishes out for its audience.

Body and Display

The Google Pixel 3 from its back, looks a lot like its predecessor “Google Pixel 2” with a two-tone finish and a fingerprint scanner. The Pixel 3 has dimensions of 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9mm with widening to 8.6mm where the camera sticks out. Display-wise, Google Pixel 3 houses an excellent 5.4-inches AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels at 447 PPI for immersive visuals. The display seems a bit sharp, crisp and vivid with an exquisite colour reproduction and sunlight legibility.


Based on recent reports, Google Pixel 3 is expected to house a dual camera lens for selfies – 8MP + 8MP, whereas a single lens – 12.2MP – is expected on its back. The camera lens will comprise a bunch of dazzling features such as Panorama, HDR, Dual-LED flash, PDAF, Autofocus and much more. Users will also be able to make a video at 2160p@30/60fps.


The Google Pixel 3 is armed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which is coupled with a whopping 6GB of RAM. You can be pretty sure about Google Pixel smartphones especially when it comes to performance. Indeed, users will get a lag-free experience while working on multiple apps or playing graphics enriched games.

Storage and OS and Battery

As far as Pixel 3 storage is to be seen, the handset is expected to boast 2 different storage tiers – 64GB and 128GB. Rumours have suggested that users won’t be able to increase its onboard memory further.

Rather than Android 8.1 Oreo, Google Pixel 3 XL is expected to run on Android’s upcoming version P 9.0 operating system.

So far, Google hasn’t revealed how much battery a Google Pixel 3 will hold. But if Google’s last year’s devices are anything to go by, the Pixel was landed with a slightly smaller battery capacity as compared to new Pixel. The Pixel 2 was housing a 2700mAh battery, whereas Pixel 2 XL brought 3520mAh battery. It’s safe to expect that Google will bring similar for the 2018 handsets.

Price and Release Date

The Google Pixel 3 price in Australia is a bigger mystery. It’s just because smartphone prices have been climbing higher. The Pixel 2 was started at AU$1079 and its upper variant landed at $1399. Chances are Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL will have similar prices or a little higher.

Google normally announces its flagships in October every year as Google Pixel and XL was released in October 2016. Similarly, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were started landing on shores in October 2017. So, if Google keeps to its tradition of announcing new pixel smartphone, Google Pixel 3 will be released on October 2018. Let’s see what happens.

5 Things To Do Before Buying a Coffee Maker Machine

Without a doubt, coffee lovers prefer to open their eye every morning with the smell of coffee. This smell around you can only be accomplished when you own a right coffee maker or a coffee flask. Actually, a coffee maker is the sun around which your kitchen orbits. The day starts as the first cups brew and decreases as the last pot of decaf is prepared. That is why getting a new coffee maker machine can be a big decision. We have compiled a list of things to know before you do it.

Before you buy, how about if you Compare Coffee Makers Prices? This would absolutely help you save bucks.

Check the Brewing Temperature

The perfect brewing temperature of coffee maker is 196°F to 205°F, so if you are really into coffee, you’re required to make sure that you have bought a coffee maker which can brew at high heat.

Tip: Top-of-the-line coffee makers have listed their brewing temps online or on the box. In case, the information is missing, that might be a sign to steer clear.

Check Out Special Features

Is it possible that you can get your feet on the ground without coffee? If not, then you’ll want an automatic-start machine which you can set the night before. Entirely exhausted as you rush out the door? You should go for a machine which automatically shuts off so that you would not need to be worried about one more thing as you rush to work.

Consider the Capacity

Both capacity and size are the next important things you should consider. A market is loaded with a wide range of sizes and capacity. Make sure you have chosen the size which fits your needs. If you’re hunting for a coffee machine for your kitchen, a machine with a capacity of few cups would be perfect. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a machine for your restaurant, you can buy a machine that has the capability to prepare multiple cups on the go.

A Material of Coffee Maker

Another factor to consider is the material of coffee maker machine. Most of the coffee maker made in Australia is plastic free. That’s the reason non-plastic coffee maker is popular among the people. Furthermore, the material of the filters used in the coffee makers should be considered as well. You can find a lot of coffee filters with different materials in the market, but if you need a calm and elite coffee maker, you should go for a machine with a paper filter.

Compare Prices

Finally, when it comes to buying, there is an extensive range of stores offering coffee makers from well-known brands but at different rates. What to do? helps you Compare Coffee Makers Prices in Australia with ease as all major stores across the country are here on a single page making much easier to analyze and go for a lowest priced one. For this instance, you won’t only save your wallet from a dent but will get an instant discount as well.