Top 10 Hair straighteners in Australia

Portrait of an attractive woman straightening her hair with a flat iron

No matter which type of hair you have, a high quality and working hair straightener let you style your hair as straight as you want. Here, we are providing the best comparison about the top hair straighteners in Australia.

1-Remington Salon Collection Hair Straightener

Remington Salon Collection Hair Straightener can heat up within 10 seconds. It’s ceramic coated plates and by setting its temperature at 230 degrees can give you the best long lasting and healthy looking hair style. Its light weight makes it comfortable and effective to use. It has an automatic safety shut off.

2- Revlon 6 Professional Digital Hair Straightener

Revlon Professional Digital Hair Straightener can give you smooth out hair quickly because of its effective ceramic plates and temperature control. Its features include 6 protective temperatures that help to keep your hair healthy and smooth. It is one of the least expensive straighteners. Price comparison with other straighteners made it the best of all.

3- Remington Keratin and Argon Oil Nourish Hair Straightener

Its ceramics plates are infused with Argon oil and Keratin. It gives your hair healthy looking and makes them smooth, soft and shiny. It can heat up within 30 seconds and give quick styling. It features include temperature lock function and a safety shut off. You can set its temperature between 130-230 degrees. Its price range is $69.

4-Philips Pro Hair Straightener

Philips Pro floating plates gives excellent results with less hair breakage and its ion conditioning provide frizz free and shiny hair. It can heat up within 10 seconds and save times. Its titanium coating and optimal pressure provide beautiful looking styled hair.

5- Philips Moisture Protect Straightener

Philips Moisture Protect Straightener adapts the temperature settings, protects hair and made them beautiful and smooth. It can heat up within 15 seconds and it is best for quicker and easier hair styling. It puts less pressure on the hair because of its floating ceramic heat plates. It is available at $129.

6- VS Sassoon Diamond Shine Straightener

Diamond Shine Straightener gives your hair the salon treatment. It makes your hair smoother by constant heating. You can adjust its temperature between 140 and 235 degrees Celsius, depends which temperature suits your hairs type. Because of its longer and wider plates, it can handle more hair at once and give faster and best results. Its other features include Mirror and heat Mat.

7- Revlon Ionic Hair Straightener

Revlon Ionic Hair Straightener can give you smooth and luxurious hair every time you want. With its infrared technology, Revlon Ionic Straightener gives great quality at home, leaving your hair frizz free, and smooth, shiny and healthy looking. Its multiple heat options can let you to choose the best hair style you want. It can heat up within 30 seconds and can save your time by giving the best results. Its price is $69.

8-Remington Salon Collection Hair Styling Pack

Remington Salon Collection Hair Straightener is a ceramic coated heating plates that heat up to 230 °C. Remington Salon Collection Hair styling pack made it easy for you to prepare for an event or work. It features include Remington salon collection hair dryer and Remington salon collection hair straightener, 2400W AC motor and powerful 150km/h airflow. It can give you long lasting hair styles with ease. Its price range is $149.

9-Vs Sassoon Pocket Rocket Mini Pro Straightener

With this straightener, silky, soft and smooth hair will be at your fingertips. The high heat and compact design of Mini Pro can go everywhere with you and you will be ready for action any time. This Mini Pro can heat up to 210 degrees in a very quick time and you can have a perfect straight hair without any long waiting. LED light on it blinks when the Mini Pro is heating up and when it is ready to use, it becomes solid. The only cheapest straightener available at $22.95.

10-Philips Easy shine ionic Styling Brush

This straightener easily makes your hair smooth and shiny. It generates negative ions to reduce the hair frizz. It helps to avoid scrubbing damage and trapped hair. This ionic styling brush ensures that using this is always a comfortable experience for you. It is the cheapest straightener available at $39.9 in the market. Price can be compared to other hair straighteners to make your shopping more affordable.


Comparison bw GoPro Hero 4 Black & GoPro Hero 4 Silver

gopro hero
The GoPro Hero 4 is one of the most powerful and robust cameras around. With so much improvements, it is not easy to decide which GoPro to buy. This post will make your buying decision convenient by highlighting few interesting facts and comparing the most prominent features of GoPro Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver.

Why Should I Purchase GoPro Hero 4 Silver?

great UI, ideal for those who are not familiar with the GoPro action cam. You can manage the camera from the front side and can capture the same image you see from the LCD touchscreen.
In addition, Hero 4 Silver battery is more powerful than the Hero 4 Black. Hero 4 Black battery remain active for average one and a half hour after fully charged. On the other hand, Hero 4 Silver remain longer, almost around two hours. So, it can be said that Hero 4 Silver has almost 25% more battery life than the Hero 4 Black. And more interestingly, Silver edition is still available at the cheap price comparing with the Black.

Why Should I Purchase GoPro Hero 4 Black?

Due to the 4K recording feature enabled, GoPro Hero 4 Black attract most of the customers. This model provides 4K recording at 30, 25, and 24 fps. Not only this, it is loaded with double image processors. The most exciting thing that Hero 4 Black offers is related to its UI extended Settings, where it also provide vertical scrolling so you can make quicker adjustments according to your needs.

Moreover, the slow motion features of the Hero 4 Black are more efficient than in the Hero 4 Silver edition. GoPro Hero 4 Silver captures 720p @ 120 fps while on the other hand, GoPro Hero 4 Black captures 1080p @ 120 fps. But when it comes to the audio quality, both editions offer almost the same without any major difference. When purchasing GoPro Hero 4 Black, keep the price in mind as its price is little on the higher side. But you can compare its price from the various online stores or you can use a reputed price checker tool to make your purchasing affordable.


In comparison with the previous versions, GoPro Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver cameras are providing something exceptional to their customers. Hero 4 Black without any doubt has the ability to produce 4K, but if you are not a big fan of 4K then it may not the right choice. And if you add a touchscreen to the Hero 4 Black, you will require to spend some extra dollars. Black edition is already expensive as compared to the Silver edition and this thing will make it more costly. However, if you love high definition pictures and videos with maximum clarity and pixels then you should go for the Black edition. Keep in mind that the GoPro Hero is a dedicated action cam. So if you are using action cam during sports then you should know what you are doing as it is even more crucial than staying aware of what the camera is recording.