7 Best Tips to Save Money


How to Save Money?

No matter how your financial life is going, you always look to take the first step of moving things towards your favor. But, sometimes to take a very first step is the hardest part. That’s the reason why I organised this list of 7 tips for money saving. None of these are so hard to follow and anyone can implement them by just doing a little effort. So, let’s get started.

1.> Turn off the TV and Unnecessary Lightings

We waste our most of our time while watching TV. If we cut down the time of watching television, we can get several benefits including low electric bill, maximum time utlisation to other activities (i.e. side business), and you can even save yourself by getting caught by different kinds of cheap ads that run on the TV periodically. And if you want to save even more, then unplug the TV cable forever.

Similarly, you should turn off those lights or lamps where there is no need to turn them on. If two or three persons can work within a single room, there is no need to occupy a separate room. By keeping these simple ideas in the mind, you can reduce extra electricity units.

2.> Make a List prior to Shopping

No matter what method you choose for shopping, try to make a comprehensive list before. It will not only save your time while shopping but also save your valuable money which might be ended up by making impulse purchases. To make it perfect, try to include the most basic items on the top of the list.

3.> Sign up for Free Customer Rewards Program

Through free customer rewards program at the retailers shop, you can to save plenty of money. Subscribe to their newsletter and try to check every mail in your inbox. So whenever you plan to shop, grab their exciting discount cards, coupons, and more.

4.> Take advantage of Bank Accounts transfer

Usually, banks charge a monthly fee for savings and current bank accounts. You can take advantage of the newest offers by transferring them to others. Mostly banks nowadays provide sign-up bonuses for the new users. And some of them also offer good interest rates.

5.> Price Comparison Shopping

Always try to do a price comparison and get a cheaper retailer store, particularly if you are shopping online. The best way is to use a high rated price comparison site. These sites are loaded with almost all kinds of best stores in their listings and let you an opportunity to shop and grab the cheapest deals available. With this method, you can save a huge amount of money.

There are many big and reputed price comparison and review websites available on the internet which work like a search engine to shop any kind of purchasing. Most of us don’t know the power of these type of sites and end up by losing the best deals available at the merchant’s store. Just select the top 2 or 3 sites and bookmark them.

6.> Avoid fast food

Most of us waste a huge portion of our monthly wage on fast foods and ordering pre-packed lunch or dinner. If we calculate it then we will analyse that we are spending almost double comparing with the home-cooked food. So it is better to cook at home some healthy and nutritious food instead spending your money on expensive food.  And fast food is also harmful for health conscious people.

7.> Purchase only high-quality Appliances

Last but not least money saving tip is to buy only high quality and long lasting appliances from the well-recognised brands. Almost all reputed and biggest brands give a warranty, and some of them even provide product replacement utility as well.

Always think long-term while shopping for these appliances. For example, if a branded and energy efficient dishwasher is costing you 500$ more than an average dishwasher, but giving you 10 years extended warranty. Well, you must go for the branded one because you will save money at the end.


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