Shop Wisely for Shoes and PayLess

Pay Less, Get More Comfort

payless-for-high-heels-and-sports-shoesShoes are the most integral part of attire. Gentlemen through generations have been taught to take care of the shine of their shaves and shoes. Women know the importance of a good shoe not only in terms of beauty but comfort also. When shopping for shoes, we usually consider three things: style, price and comfort. Unfortunately we all tend to compromise on comfort if we get a nice looking shoe for a good price. When it comes to shoes, don’t buy expensive highly fashionable ones for mere style. Buy wisely, pay less and go for comfort rather than fashion. Here are some health hazards of ill-fitting shoes.

High Heels:

Victoria Bekham said “Flat heels make your whole personality flat.” And many women would agree to that. Sadly women wearing high heels regularly pay a heavy price for their high style quotient. According to health experts, high heels damage the body in more than one ways. When the heel of the foot is raised, the center of gravity shifts from the base of the spine. You have to move your upper body forward to keep the balance and that puts your spine in an unnatural position. Not only that but high heels also put an extra pressure on the balls of feet. Prolonged pressure damages the foot in the long run due to which knees and the lower back get affected. The shins also suffer because of high heels. The muscles in the lower calf are flexible. When you wear high heels every day, these muscles shrink and after sometime it is difficult to stretch them back to their original position.

Narrow Toes:

Trying to fit your foot into those pretty, narrow toed shoes can cost your foot its beauty and sometimes function too. The front of the foot is curled in an unpleasant position and the base joint of the big toe is either pushed up or grows outwards in a painful bony growth. This not only gives the foot an unsightly appearance but also a lot of pain. Narrow toes of shoes are also responsible for those painful corns and ingrown nails we all want to avoid at all costs.

Ill Fitting:

Ill fitted shoes are responsible for many ailments of the foot. When we wear ill fitted shoes with straps at the ankle, the tight backs of the shoes not only peel the skin from the back of the ankle but also cause a bony growth in the heel. Ill fitted shoe cause a thickening of the nerves in the sole of the feet that may make waking painful and cause the numbness of the foot.

Fortunately there are many reliable brands that are making life easier for style conscious women. Shoes are made with snug arch pads to give you greater comfort and fitting. Block heels are designed to put equally distributed pressure on your spine and knee while giving those extra inches. The best part is, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant price for this comfort. Shop for shoes wisely and you actually pay less and get the best shoes that are equally stylish and easy on your foot.


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