Tips to Choose a Right Halloween Costume for Yourself

Every year October rolls around, shops sell Halloween costumes get ready for some of the busiest weeks of the year. So, if you haven’t already decided a costume, chances are higher that you are stuck for ideas. Don’t worry, there are so many ways loaded with creative, original ideas for costumes and still keep within a budget.

So, sort this out for all, we have compiled several tips that will help you to pick the perfect Halloween costume.

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Look Back at Your Own Style

You should think twice what you wear normally and what is comfortable for you. This alone may help you think of your favorite costume right away. Just as an example, do you usually wear a dress or jeans? Is it possible to pair these with something a bit more exciting to form a costume i.e. witch’s hat on top of a dress or sticking a cloak over the top of jeans?

Decide a Budget

Halloween costumes typically range from extremely expensive to super-cheap, so it’s important to make your budget ahead of buying a costume. When buying, be sure you have checked what’s included in the costume, as some costumes perhaps better deals as compared to others when add-ons are accounted for.

Keep looking for Discounts and Sales

A majority of stores run sales all over the year for Halloween costumes, especially when Halloween is very close. Most importantly, you are required to check the newspaper, Internet, and TV ads for upcoming sales on Halloween costumes. For this instance, you could get a great costume for a small price. If you are unable to find any kind of sales, try using coupons and gift card.

Keep Time in Mind

If you are planning to make your Halloween costume, make sure you have enough time for that. It is recommended that start thinking about almost a month before and try to allow two weeks ahead to make and adjust a costume. Though it looks too early, it gives you a bit space for making something which fits well and also gives you the chance to run down and buy more items.

Think of Your Interests

You are required to make a list of all the things you love to do such as sports, cooking, dressing up, playing games or reading etc. If you love playing football, be a good player – if you like animals or food, dress up as your favorite pet. Be creative and sharp enough and make a list of options to the items you already have.

Go for a Group Costume

Are you trick-or-treating with your loved ones? The perfect way to wriggle out of being original is to have matching costumes. It looks a little bit hilarious for onlookers who see some character coming towards their doors for trick-or-treating.

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Top 8 Sunglasses Brands in Australia – You Should Know

Everyone knows that sunglasses are mandatory especially when you live in Australia – harsh sun rays, glorious though it may be, can take its toll on your eyes. Nowadays, sunglasses have become more than just to protect your eyes – they are an expression of your styles as well as a fashion statement.

As compared to US, UK, and Canada, there is a little amount of population in Australia, but that doesn’t mean they are running short on sunglasses labels. We come up with a list of top 8 Australian sunglasses brands to help you find one which matches your personality exactly.


Prada was created by Mario Prada in 1931, since then Prada has become one of the most admired and broadly recognized in the world of fashion. Prada Sunglasses in Australia are also well-demanded because of innovative style, exclusive design, and superior craftsmanship. Prada sunglasses provide 100% protection from UV radiation which is sure to be a head turner.

Pacifico Optical

This is an ultimate designer brand that admires beach-loving Aussies. These sunglasses are made in Bondi, using high-quality Italian and German material and sporting Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. The Pacifico Optical prices starting from $159 along with free shipping and returns in Australia – it’s hard not to be attracted.


Quay started its services in Melbourne and now they have built a loyal following not only in Australia but around the world as well. They have a wide variety of men from oversized aviators to classic shapes to sports-inspired looks – every single sunglass is less than $70.

Dot Dot

Dot Dot sunglasses are known for their selfie-ready, effortlessly chic sunglasses collection. These sunglasses are made by an expert craftsman in Japan using high-quality materials. These quality oriented sunnies radiate quality and classiness and have a stylish and classic look. So, you are bound to fall in love with at least one of its sunnies.

Le Specs

Le Specs is a leading and well-demanded Australian sunglasses brand started working in 1979. Le Specs manages to be fresh and modern, whereas also offers a hint of retro whether it be swinging or grungy. Many stars including Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik as wearing Le Specs sunglasses and for customers of popular retailers such as Nordstrom and David Jones.

Bailey Nelson

It’s an Australian designer sunglasses brand that offers Optical glasses, Contact lenses and, of course, sunnies. They also have an extensive range of fashion-forward shades to suit every style whether you prefer a little edgier or a classic look. Bailey Nelson was founded in 2012 in Bondi and now selling their sunglasses in London, New Zealand and Canada.

South Cali

Perhaps South Cali will be inspired by beaches of South California – but these are designed right here in Australia. The South Cali sunglasses shield your eyes from the harsh Aussie sun thanks to its polarized lenses and UV-400 protection. South Cali brand is quite affordable and trend-setting styles that the world’s sunniest state is known for.


Last but not least, Tiffany Sunglasses in Australia holds up a vast part of the fashion industry and it’s a well-liked brand admired by everyone. Tiffany sunglasses are a great option especially for those like to syndicate practically with high-quality design. Tiffany comes up with a well-crafted collection of sunglasses carrying a brand’s trademark commitment to excellence.

8 Well-Demanded and Leading Men’s Dress Pants Brands You Should Know

Men’s dress pants are one of the basic outfits, without a doubt. The dress pants speak to every style personality and of course, it’s a must-have wardrobe no matter it’s for women or of men. When it comes to buying, you will see a wide range of men’s dress pants such as trouser fit, pleated vs. plain-front, trouser cuffs, and trouser pockets.

There is a little amount of population in Australia, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a plenty of dazzling dress pants labels. You can buy Men’s Dress Pants Online in Australia with less hassle, but which brand you should go for? We come up with a list of top men’s dress pants brands to help you find the perfect one for you.


Uniqlo is known as an affordable menswear which would not have you shrinking. They are offering pleated trousers that will make you look like cool guys. Before quarreling, it’s noticeable that pleated trousers have returned to the menswear zeitgeist.


Beams is actually a Japanese brand offers desirable “Made in Japan” assurance for hard-wearing investments that pay you off with repeated wear. This brand is offering elasticated cuffs which is a solid choice for your weekend muck-about even with no risking an untimely split layer.


Crew is a champion when it comes to men’s dress pants. This brand offers something for everyone. Pick up relaxed fit for knockabout pants you aren’t afraid to thrash or tailored options which won’t look stupid on the corporate battlefield.


The Cos offers wool-flannel trousers to the audience. You can wear them with a plain tee for easy style in summer or an open-neck shirt when it’s not mild enough. The wool-flannel trousers are also enough for a town, without the risk of overdressing. Unfortunately, Cos isn’t trend-hunters, nor weather seasonal tumult.


Incotex is self-described “pioneers of smart-casual” started operation in 1951. They offer blend structured pieces and workwear, contrasting a rocky and tailored visual with new cargo pants. Nowadays, these pants are rejected by most blokes as it’s not 2006, and no one wants that much pocket spaces.


Acne is recommended for everyone to some extent. Oh! Don’t worry the brand isn’t named after a shocking bodily function many of us suffer. ACNE offers an outclass denim that fulfills two important sartorial criteria – A (looks good after a beating) and B (stand the test of time after repeated thrashing. Although their skinny-fit pants are highly recommended for your weekend.


This is a family brand with Woo Young Mi’s daughter joining as a creative director in 2014. They are offering wide fit pants with a shorter cut for those style pioneers who brave the no-sock look. Not only pants, but WooYoungMi also offers shirts and ties for a different occasion.


If your paycheck has gone towards more sneakers, then Topman is a popular option. Basically, Topman’s spirit is in dependable basics, and pants are normally blocked coloured and plain texture. If you aim to leave something to the imagination, Topman is an absolute choice. comes up with a price comparison tool that helps users compare Men’s Dress Pants in Australia from well-known stores with ease. All major Australian stores are right here on this single page making much easier to analyze and go with a lowest-priced one. For this instance, you will save bucks.

Top 8 Women’s Boots Brands in Australia You Should Now

Boots speak to every style personality and of course, a must for any wardrobe no matter it’s for women or men. When it comes to shopping, you will find an extensive range of women’s boots such as an ankle, calf, knee high, thigh high boot and much more from well-known Australian brands.

Though Australia has a small population, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a plenty of exquisite shoe labels. You can buy Women’s Boots Online in Australia with ease, but which brand you should go for? We have created a list of top Australian brands to help you find perfect boots for yourself.

1: Wittner

It’s been almost a century since Wittner has been bringing a unique brand of stylish shoes for women to walk taller. This time around, the Australian footwear favourite has grown from single Melbourne retail store to more than 75 Australia wide.

2: Jaggar Footwear

This brand is known as the first accessories brand from Fashion Labels, which is the powerhouse behind C/MEO Collective, The Fifth Label, and Finders Keepers. And as you expect, Jaggar Footwear brings extremely gorgeous footwear styles (made using a luxe mix of materials such as faux fur, leather, suede, wool, and neoprene).

3: Alias Mae

The brand was established in 2011. Alias Mae has grown well into a remarkable business and is known for the products which are highly- desirable. This Australian footwear brand prides on its outstanding quality with handmade designs and exclusive small runs. The brand has stocked their products in boutiques across Australia and US and also selling online.

4: Tony Bianco

Tony Bianco is one of the leading and well-demanded fashion footwear brand and interestingly a favourite amongst many women. Tony Bianco’s modern shoe designs exemplify the attitude of London’s High Street and the spirit of New York’s Soho for a chic and creative style.

5: Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith started their business in 1946 as a men’s footwear brand and later, expanded into women’s shoes around in 2009. Now Windsor Smith brand is being loved by both Australian gents and ladies. The brand continues to be at the forefront of footwear fashion and creating stylish and unique shoes inspired by the latest global fashion trends.

6: Wanted Shoes

Without a doubt, Wanted Shoes offers a wide range of fashionable footwear designs from killer heels to classic ballet flats. Being Stylish, Wanted Shoes brings high-quality craftsmanship, a fun and wide-ranging style and happily a reasonable price tag.

7: Sol Sana

Look no further than Sol Sana if you are hunting for a footwear which merges high fashion styling along with comfort and wearability. This Australian women’s boots brand is steered by Sara Caverley who creates highly-priced leather footwear with stylish fashion-forward designs.

8: Mimco

Mimco is an Australian favourite for accessories since long time ago, and Mimco’s shoes are no exception. Mimco’s fashionable and unique fun footwear designs project personality and are ultimate for bold individuals looking for something different. is known as one of the perfect platforms when it comes to comparing prices in Australia. All major stores across Australia are right here selling women’s boots at different rates. You can Compare Women’s Boots Prices in Australia with less hassle and can go for a lowest-priced one. Thus, you can save bucks.

Top 10 Hair straighteners in Australia

Portrait of an attractive woman straightening her hair with a flat iron

No matter which type of hair you have, a high quality and working hair straightener let you style your hair as straight as you want. Here, we are providing the best comparison about the top hair straighteners in Australia.

1-Remington Salon Collection Hair Straightener

Remington Salon Collection Hair Straightener can heat up within 10 seconds. It’s ceramic coated plates and by setting its temperature at 230 degrees can give you the best long lasting and healthy looking hair style. Its light weight makes it comfortable and effective to use. It has an automatic safety shut off.

2- Revlon 6 Professional Digital Hair Straightener

Revlon Professional Digital Hair Straightener can give you smooth out hair quickly because of its effective ceramic plates and temperature control. Its features include 6 protective temperatures that help to keep your hair healthy and smooth. It is one of the least expensive straighteners. Price comparison with other straighteners made it the best of all.

3- Remington Keratin and Argon Oil Nourish Hair Straightener

Its ceramics plates are infused with Argon oil and Keratin. It gives your hair healthy looking and makes them smooth, soft and shiny. It can heat up within 30 seconds and give quick styling. It features include temperature lock function and a safety shut off. You can set its temperature between 130-230 degrees. Its price range is $69.

4-Philips Pro Hair Straightener

Philips Pro floating plates gives excellent results with less hair breakage and its ion conditioning provide frizz free and shiny hair. It can heat up within 10 seconds and save times. Its titanium coating and optimal pressure provide beautiful looking styled hair.

5- Philips Moisture Protect Straightener

Philips Moisture Protect Straightener adapts the temperature settings, protects hair and made them beautiful and smooth. It can heat up within 15 seconds and it is best for quicker and easier hair styling. It puts less pressure on the hair because of its floating ceramic heat plates. It is available at $129.

6- VS Sassoon Diamond Shine Straightener

Diamond Shine Straightener gives your hair the salon treatment. It makes your hair smoother by constant heating. You can adjust its temperature between 140 and 235 degrees Celsius, depends which temperature suits your hairs type. Because of its longer and wider plates, it can handle more hair at once and give faster and best results. Its other features include Mirror and heat Mat.

7- Revlon Ionic Hair Straightener

Revlon Ionic Hair Straightener can give you smooth and luxurious hair every time you want. With its infrared technology, Revlon Ionic Straightener gives great quality at home, leaving your hair frizz free, and smooth, shiny and healthy looking. Its multiple heat options can let you to choose the best hair style you want. It can heat up within 30 seconds and can save your time by giving the best results. Its price is $69.

8-Remington Salon Collection Hair Styling Pack

Remington Salon Collection Hair Straightener is a ceramic coated heating plates that heat up to 230 °C. Remington Salon Collection Hair styling pack made it easy for you to prepare for an event or work. It features include Remington salon collection hair dryer and Remington salon collection hair straightener, 2400W AC motor and powerful 150km/h airflow. It can give you long lasting hair styles with ease. Its price range is $149.

9-Vs Sassoon Pocket Rocket Mini Pro Straightener

With this straightener, silky, soft and smooth hair will be at your fingertips. The high heat and compact design of Mini Pro can go everywhere with you and you will be ready for action any time. This Mini Pro can heat up to 210 degrees in a very quick time and you can have a perfect straight hair without any long waiting. LED light on it blinks when the Mini Pro is heating up and when it is ready to use, it becomes solid. The only cheapest straightener available at $22.95.

10-Philips Easy shine ionic Styling Brush

This straightener easily makes your hair smooth and shiny. It generates negative ions to reduce the hair frizz. It helps to avoid scrubbing damage and trapped hair. This ionic styling brush ensures that using this is always a comfortable experience for you. It is the cheapest straightener available at $39.9 in the market. Price can be compared to other hair straighteners to make your shopping more affordable.