How to Pick the Perfect Sunglasses? Here are the 5 Easiest Ways

Are you wearing T-shirt and jeans, but not sunglasses? Sunglasses add a ton of style and make it quite easier to see on a sunny day. Not only this, sunglasses are also great to defense against UV rays which may cause short and long-term eye damage.

Obviously, the rick is knowing what the right pair is for you. We have compiled the most important factors to consider when buying a right and quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

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Make it 100 Percent

The first and foremost thing to consider when it comes to buying sunglasses for eye protection to find out a pair which blocks almost 100% of UV rays or UV 400 protection. Though less than half of the people buying sunglasses bother to check whether the lenses protect their eyes from ultraviolet light.

Dark Lenses aren’t better

To be noted, dark lenses look a bit cool, but they don’t necessarily block more UV rays. Normally, dark shades are intended to cut via the glower and reduce eyestrain in moderate-to-bright light conditions. But light colours shine in moderate-to-low light conditions. They’re frequently great for snowboarding, skiing, and other snow sports. Also, provide excellent depth perception, improve the visibility of objects and make your surroundings appear brighter.

Is Bigger Always Better?

The more face covered by sunglasses, the less sun damage is imposed on your eyes. If you consider buying bigger sunglasses, it ultimately cut down the UV rays entering the eyes from the sides. You should always search a pair which matches your face shape, that is, the shape of your sunglasses must be differing of your face shape.

For example, go for a sunglass which has round frames if you have a square face. If you’re not into that, how about trying classic aviator sunglasses? The Aviator Sunglasses Prices in Australia are superbly amazing and cost you less than any other sunglasses.

Rectangular sunglasses, on the other hand, are more suitable if your face is round. Moreover, rectangular sunglasses also make your face look longer.

Polarized Lenses Cut Glare, But Not UV

Significantly, Polarized lenses decrease glare coming off reflective surfaces such as water or the pavement. However, that doesn’t offer more protection from the sun but can make activities like driving or water sports safer or more enjoyable.

In some illustrations, Polarized lenses react with the shades in windshields, creating blind spots and diminishing the visibility of LCD readouts. In this occurs, how about considering mirrored lenses as a glare-reducing alternative.


6 Things When You Are In Search of Sunglasses

Alright! Let’s admit that we are neither vampire nor hermit. So, whenever we leave our homes, we are ready to start walking straight into UV radiation. Protecting your skin from harsh sun rays is a no-brainer. But it’s also true that your eyes can absolutely get sun damaged as well, says Dr. Brian S. Boxer Wachler of Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills. Buying sunglasses is all about looking cool on a hot day. Boxes Wachler also said that “People should consider sunglasses as sunscreen for your eyes. Here are some buying tips.

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1: Make it 100 Percent

The most important thing when you look for sunglasses to protect your eyes is a tag or a sticker indicating that they block 100% of UV rays. However, according to the Academy’s 2014 national sun safety survey, most of the people buy sunglasses to check whether the lenses protect the eyes from ultraviolet light.

2: Bigger is better

The less sun damage inflicted on the eyes, when you cover your face with sunglasses. You should always consider buying oversized glasses or wraparound-style glasses. It definitely cut down on UV entering the eye from the side.

3: Don’t Buy Darker Lenses

Without a doubt, dark lenses make you feel cool, but they don’t necessarily block more UV rays. So, it that important? Of course, no!

4: Colour Doesn’t Matter

As you can see, some brands offer sunglasses in amber, green or grey colours. Be noted that, they don’t block more sun but can increase contrast, which perhaps useful for athletes who play sports like baseball or golf.

5: Cost shouldn’t be a Factor

Sunglasses normally don’t have to cost lots of money to work great. Low-cost pairs marked as 100% UV-blocking can be just as effective as pricier options.

Polarized Lenses Cut Glare, Not UV

Keep in mind that Polarization decreases glare coming off reflective surfaces such as water or pavement. Though it doesn’t offer a lot of protection from the sun, can make activities like driving or being on the water safer or more enjoyable.

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Top and Hottest Australian Sunglasses Brand you Had No Idea About

Sunglasses are essential, without a doubt, especially if you are living in Australia – our harsh sun, magnificent though it may be, can easily peal on our eyes. Nowadays, sunglasses aren’t just sunglasses, but a way to protect your eyes. Sunglasses are an expression of your styles, also a fashion statement and with several brands out there it can be hard to find the perfect pair to suit you.

We have compiled a list of brands offering Sunglasses Online in Australia. So, without a further ado, let’s dig down into it.

Pacifico Optical

If you are a beach-loving Aussies, Pacifico Optical is an ultimate designer brand then. This brand designs premium and handmade sunglasses in Bondi by using Italian and German materials and sporting Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. Pacifico Optical has a bunch of stores in Bondi, so if you’re a Bondi local, you can pop down to their store in Roscoe Street. If you’re not living in Bondi, how about checking their collection online on their website.

Local Supply

Just like Pacifico Optical, Local Supply is also Bondi-born brand offering a wide range of men’s and women’s sunglasses. This brand is worn and loved by home-grown celebs such as a world-famous synchronized swimmer, Olia Burtaev, and Genesis Owusu. Local Supply feels proud on their selves as they create strong yet lightweight frames with polarized lens. They also use the world’s best high-tech manufacturers and designers. Don’t be scared as all of their glasses can be snatched up for under AU$135. If you’re out of a budget, but can’t compromise on quality or style, it’s an ultimate choice to go for.


This is a Melbourne-born Australian brand offers high-quality and stylish sunglasses not only in Australia but around the world. Their men’s and women’s collection boasts a range of styles, from sports-inspired looks to oversized aviators, all for less than $70. Quay’s high-quality sunglasses are inspired by ultra-cool music artists and festivals run in Australia, so you’ll stand out in the crowd. These are lightweight, flexible and made from quality material. They are comfortable as well.

Le Specs

Le Specs is one of the well-known, well-established and leading sunglasses brand founded back in 1979 in Australia. If there is any brand which knows their stuff when talking about sunnies, it’s these guys. Le Specs manages to be fresh and modern, whereas also offering a hint of retro, whether it be swinging 60s or grungy 90s. It’s also a choice of stars like Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik and for well-famous retailers such as Nordstrom and David Jones.

Soda Shades

Soda Shades is a trendsetting brand offers sunnies which are as refreshing as an icy lime-spritzed soda on a summer’s day. And it’s what all the fashionable people are wearing. So, if that’s your crowd, check out their collection, then. They are only available online (alas!). offers an exquisite platform for users to compare Men’s Sunglasses and Women’s Sunglasses Prices in Australia with ease. For your convenience, all major stores across Australia are right here on a single page making much easier to analyze and then let you go for the lowest-priced one.

Things to Consider When it Comes to Buying Sunglasses

Buying sunglasses can be daunting especially when it comes to buying online. Most of the styles arrive in different sizes and every single brand is trying to promote different features. We have come up with so many things you need to know before buying sunglasses and also how to take a good care of them once you bought a pair.

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Evaluate Your Favourite Pair

The market is loaded with a wide range of sunglasses in a variety of sizes even with the same pair. In case you have already bought a pair of frames that fit great, you can usually find the frame measurements on the interior of the temples, said by Wang and Shin. Then, go for frames which are similar in size for a similar fit. There are also so many sizes better for specific face shapes.

Protect Your Vision

You can find sunglasses anywhere and everywhere from department stores to specialty stores for as little as $5. And then there are a lot those sunglasses myths which could devastate your eyes. If you’re looking for a pair, it’s a bit difficult to know what to look for. Firstly, sunglasses need to offer 100% UV protection. Wang and Florence Shin, founders of Covry Eyewear say, “Even on a cloudy day, harmful UV rays are still present, therefore it’s much important that your sunglasses are doing an essential job protecting your eyes.”

Size Up Your Face Shape

Are you self-conscious about your face, you would want to see which sunglasses shape look best for your face shape. Eyeglass company Warby Parker says, “As everyone will tell you, an oval face is a lucky draw: you can actually wear whatever you want since the ratio of your features is already even”. A rounder frame works great with a more angular face, softer edges, on the other hand, complements a square face and rounder faces will benefit from distinct, angular frame.

Keep It Cool

You should keep your sunglasses cool. When the summer comes, the heat causes the material to expand and stretch over time. A weekly “tune-up” keeps sunglasses in the best shape.


Well! Polarize lenses are optional. Polarize lenses cut the glare that comes from snow, car windows and water, said by 2020 On-site experts. As compared to your regular and standard UVA and UVB lenses, they will help protect the eyes from sun damage and will help with looking and eye strain on not only sunny days but overcast days also, said by Dr. Ahmed. Interestingly, Polarized lenses are well-stylish and arrive in a variety of colours. lets you compare Cheap Sunglasses Prices in Australia as all major stores across Australia are right here on a single page making much easier to analyze and then let you go for a lowest-priced one.

Top Australian Brands for Womens Dresses You Should Know About

With a life on campus and college expenses, saving a bunch of dollars is really a hard thing, right? However, if you’re twenty-something and you’re already into fashion, your monthly allowance will be renounced for the sake of that one up-to-date trend you otherwise will not be able to afford. For you and other elegant fashionistas, there are a lot of high-quality, hip and affordable pieces to find around. Though Women’s Dresses Prices are slightly higher, our affordable Australian clothing brands won’t break your bank.

Princess Polly

This Australian brand is absolute in every sense of the word. Though it’s lightly resembling the boho-chic vibe, still staying definitely true to their own design. If you’re a kind of women who love its chin and doesn’t compromise it, Princess Polly is a perfect choice then. It is also a perfect buy at any point with an extensive range of pieces to offer.

Sabo Skirt

If you love following the Instagram fashion models, then chances are, a good portion of them are wearing something from Sabo Skirt. With affordable rates and dazzlingly trendy pieces, it is no miracle fashion lovers drove to this Australian brand.

Mink Pink

Inspired by vintage, just playful enough Australian brand for the free- determined hippie at heart. Mink Pink has the potential to convert trends into reasonable pieces for fashion lovers on a tight budget. Their exquisite styles and cuts are extremely upbeat and fresh. You’ll enjoy your adventure at Mink Pink as their price points falling below $100. And it’s guaranteed!

Ivory And Chain

Ivory And Chain is the brand who makes women feel elegant, confident and daring with their clothing and style. This brand offers a wide range of unique styles such as satin corset shirts and bold accessories. If you are hunting for something which is different and unique and fun, check out Ivory And Chain.

Ally Fashion

Australian fast fashion retailer Ally Fashion offers hundreds of styles and options to choose from. Interestingly, Ally Fashion’s website gets 50 new arrivals every single week, so if you didn’t find what you were looking today, just check back in the next week. Their stunningly trendy and modern vibes will get your buying within minutes for searching the site.

Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards Company was founded by Australian Ben Mackay in 2011 and it has flourished ever since. Furthermore, Penny Skateboards has experienced recently an insane renaissance in popularity by those youngsters who love the brand’s edge and understand their modern vibe pretty well. Penny Skateboard offers design for both men and women and it’s super-cheap. So, there is nothing to be afraid. This time around, Penny Skateboards is working on two different collaborations.

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5 Best Women’s Wallets and Purses You Can Buy in 2018

Wallets are carried by both women and men to hold several things such as currency, coins, gift cards as well as other forms of payment. Normally, handbags are preferred by women to hold a host of personal items like smartphones, glasses, cosmetics and so on, but many still use wallets inside the handbag to keep money organized. If you’re a kind of women who don’t like lugging a handbag often, you can use a wallet then. If you’re in a search which one is right for you, keep reading. We have got the best women’s wallets to suit every taste.

Asos Suede Croc Foldover Purse

If you’re running short on budget, but don’t want to pinch on style, Asos has got you covered then. This wallet is made of 100% pure leather along with a matching, silky silver lining to boot. Inside the wallet, there’re six card slots, two cash compartments, and a zipped inner pocket. The front side of the wallet is secured with a press-stud. Though it sits at the lower end of the price but doesn’t feel cheap.

You can buy Asos Suede Croc Foldover Purse online as hundreds of well-known brands are offering quality oriented Women’s Wallets Online in Australia making your shopping experience as convenient as you always wish it to be.

Lulu Guinness Applique Lip Lottie Pouch

If you’re hunting for a wallet which stands out from the crowd, how about considering Lulu Guinness? The Lulu Guinness is made from premium polished leather and the design comprises a bright red pair of smackers, a stamped logo and red cotton lining. The Lulu Guinness really ticks all the boxes thanks to its external back pocket for cards and a sleek zip closure.

Accessorize Vienna Contrast Soft Wallet

Considering a wallet between a cardholder and a purse is mind-boggling. Don’t worry! Accessorize Vienna is the right answer. The case of this wallet is fitted with a front pouch that holds a metallic cardholder (removable) for your comfort. You can keep up to three cards and your ID card in a dedicated space. You will see a zipped coin compartment with super-sleek gold hardware for a trendy finish.

Saint Laurent Textured Leather Cardholder

It’s a kind of purse you will love to show off but is a little pricey. This purse is designed by Saint Laurent (French luxury fashion house). Saint Laurent continues with the brands androgynous aesthetic – contrasting silver hardware, soft black textured leather and a stamped signature.

Oliver Bonas Yasmine Travel Purse

Add a bit colour into your currency with the help of this double-duty purse offered by Oliver Bonas. The purse is made from mint green faux leather – one side houses around six card slots along with a handy space for your ID, whereas the other side holds a zipped pouch in contrasting grey (entirely removable). This is available in Sky Blue and Grey colours as well. comes with an extensive range of wallets for both men and women. And lets you compare men and Women’s Wallets price in Australia with ease as all major Australian stores are available on a single page selling wallets from well-known brands at different rates. Thus, you can save bucks.

5 best Places to Buy a Diamond Ring in Australia

Did you just propose your loved one? Perhaps you are looking for a diamond ring to make this gorgeous moment beyond great. You’re in luck if you are in Australia as there’re some finest jewelers who will guide you in finding the right diamond ring for your right partner. You just need a right place to search. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 best places to buy a diamond ring in Australia.

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WindFall Jewellery

The WindFall Jewellery is a Melbourne-born company which was founded by Lani Williams. They have made an extensive buzz in the jewelry market in a short span of just 5 years. They are well-famous for their semi-precious stones as well as unique diamonds.

Moreover, WindFall Jewellery creates unique and gorgeous designed diamond rings. If you are hunting for funky non-traditional diamond rings, it’s worth considering.

Australian Diamond Company

The company was founded by 1892 and since then, they are making some of the best diamond rings. ADC ( Australian Diamond Company) is famous for its impeccable craftsmanship as well as matchless designs. It’s almost 3 decades, but ADC is still pushing new designs including non-traditional and traditional.

The Company’s address is Centrepoint Arcade, Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne, Australia. Just visit and select the best for the best person in your life.


Klepner’s are one of the oldest jewelry shops in Australia. The company was founded in 1889 by Samuel Kelpner. Since then, Klepner’s are ruling the jewelry market even after 125 years. They make gemologists and craftsmen which are the best in the market. They just don’t have a jewelry shop in Australia, but also a sort of antique and art deco too.

Therefore, they are well-known for their diamond rings, antiques, sapphire, wedding bands as well as ruby rings. Whether you’re a kind of modern or traditional, they have a unique collection of every type of ring.

Helen Badge Jewellery

Helen Badge was created in 1983 and since then, the company is well-known for their handmade rings. The Helen Badge started making jewelry with their store in Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia. Now, this company has grown from Melbourne to Sydney and London and so many places in Europe. Helen Badge is giving nick of craft and art as they are the favourite when it comes to diamond rings.

Tiffany & Co

When it comes to Global Jewelry market, Tiffany & Co is always on the top. The company is also famous for its global disability function. They proud their self by representing responsible mining and other environment kinds of stuff. They’re also making quality-oriented diamond rings. Their designs are reasonable and pretty much unique. We bet it can be the perfect ring for your loved one. is an Australian based price comparison shopping website helps users Compare Diamonds Prices in Australia with ease. All major stores across Australia are right here on this single page making much easier to analyze and go for a lowest-priced one. Thus, you would save bucks.