Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Note 8 – who is better in terms of performance, features and display

Apple and Samsung have been fighting for the ultimate crown of the smartphone industry. Both companies manufacture different types of mobiles as Apple manufacture only one or two models each year and have end to end encryption. This means that you can only share data between the Apple devices and you will need additional services to send data to other android or chrome devices. On the other hand; Samsung manufactures phones with open end android OS and released multiple phones every year. Samsung phones come in different price range and you can buy them for as long as 200 dollars and as high as 1300 dollars. Both Apple iPhone X 64 GB LTE 4G and Samsung Note 8 has similar specifications and this comparison will help you to analyze who win the ultimate performance, display and design battle.

iphone x 256 gb

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Design

Earlier this year; we saw that Samsung Galaxy S8 raised the bar of modern design in the smartphone industry with its infinity display and other features. Note 8 was also redesigned and the company deduced the bezels around the screen and make the screen larger. The fingerprint sensor was placed beside the rear camera and this is the point that was criticized by many users. While; iPhone X also has changed drastically but there is a substantial amount of bezel on top and bottom of the phone. Coming to the size of the phone; note 8 comes with 6.4 inches while iPhone X accounts for only 5.7 inches. The larger phone provides the more beautiful display as well.

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Display

Samsung always had an upper hand in terms of display due to the OLED screen but this year; Apple has also introduced the phone with the OLED display. The OLED screens that reinstalled in the iPhone X has a lot of disadvantages, you will get 2436 x 1135 resolution in the phone while the Note 8 display has the maximum resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. Note 8 also has the better ppi of 521. So, Samsung is packing more pixel on the screen providing the better result to the users.

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Performance

Apple has always been manufacturing high-end processor that is compatible with the iPhone devices. The A11 bionic processor is also the same deal as it blows away all the competition from the android phones. The video editing test in which both phones had to transcode 2 minutes 4 K video; iPhone X performed better as it completed the task in 42 seconds. On the other hand; the Note 8 which is powered by 835 processor completed the job in 3 minutes.

Both phones are getting good reviews over the web but in terms of screen and display; note 8 is the clear winner. In performance department; iPhone X provide faster multitasking and wins the race hands down. So if you are looking for a phone that performs best in tough situations; then iPhone X is the right phone for you. Apple iPhone X mobile phone prices vary from different stores to compare the prices before making the final purchase decision.


Oppo R11 Price, Features, and Specifications

Oppo is a Chinese electronics powerhouse that is famous for making high-end electronics. The company has been manufacturing awesome cell phones for the past few years. In 2017; they have launched many high-end mobile phones and Oppo R11 is the highlight of them. The phone was released in June 2017 and has the retail price of 330 USD. The price comes at a reasonable price if you want to get best deals and offers; you should compare oppo mobile phones prices over the internet. Here is the breakdown of the features and specifications of the latest Oppo smartphone.

Oppo R11 - PayLessDeal

Oppo R11: Performance

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon, 660 processor, and 6 GB RAM; the mobile shine in the performance department. Apart from this; the octa-core processor provides enough power to run all the latest games as well. You will get 128 GB of internal memory on the phone and the memory can be expanded with the help of microSD card. The micro sd card can be inserted in the second SIM slot.

Oppo R11: Design and Screen

The phone boasts a durable body that is very easy to use with a single hand. The phone only weighs 150 grams and comes with a 5.5-inch screen AMOLED screen. The screen supports the maximum resolution of 1080 x 1920 resolution. The screen has a screen to body ratio of 72.2 percent. With the corning gorilla glass 5; the protector will keep the phone saved from falls as well. The phone comes with color OS 3.1 which is inspired by Android 7. You can buy this phone in four different colors which are Black, Rose Gold, Rose, and Red. You will also find the front mounted fingerprint sensor embedded below the screen that makes the phone more secure.

Oppo R11: Battery

The phone comes with 3000 mAh battery and provides enough juice to last for a whole day. The phone also supports fast charging but lack in the wireless charging department.

Oppo R11: Camera

Oppo spends millions on the research department and has manufactured high-end cameras for their phones. The rear camera setup consists of 20 MP and 16 MP lens and has phase detection and LED flash. Other features of the camera include geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection. You will also find different picture modes in the camera which are HDR and panorama. Apart from this; you will also find an excellent selfie camera on the phone. The front camera has a 20 MP lens and has the aperture ratio of f/2.0. The front camera can record videos of 1080p as well.

Oppo R11 is a good mix of affordability and high tech features. The phone packs enough battery and power to meet the expectations of the users. With the glossy finish and high-end features; you will not get any other phone with such features in the current price range. The phone is available at the market price of 550 USD. You should compare mobile prices online to find best deals and offers on Oppo R11 and other handsets.

Blackberry Motion Features and Specifications

Blackberry can be credited for manufacturing the most secure phones in the world. The company has been the stalwart in the last decade but failed to capture the spotlight in the wake of Android and iOS phone’s popularity. The company lost most of its worldwide users to the Android OS because android offered unique and easy to use interface. For some years, blackberry tried to sell the phones based on their old OS and features but they did not succeed. After three years of halt; they are now manufacturing the phones with the Android OS. Compare Mobile phone price between Android phones and blackberry phones makes it clear that the android phones are more likely to dominate in the future.

Blackberry Motion - PayLessDeal

Blackberry has launched a new Android smartphone that has an all screen design and the phone is expected to release by the end of November 2017. The phone has a retail price of 600 AUD and has the premium features to die for.

Blackberry Motion: Design and Screen

The phone boasts an all screen design and blackberry have snubbed their iconic QWERTY keyboard in the new phone. The phone has an IP67 water and dust resistance. You will find a 5.5-inch capacitive screen that supports 16M colors. The phone has the screen to body ratio of 71 percent and provides the sharp and vivid result. The maximum resolution of the phone is 1080 x 1920 pixels and also supports multi-touch. The phone is equipped with all the latest sensors such as proximity sensor, gyro sensor, compass, and accelerometer. The fingerprint sensor is located at the bottom of the screen.

Blackberry Motion: Camera

The primary camera has a 12 MP lens with the aperture ratio of f/2.0. You will get different features on the phone such as auto-focus, phase detection, dual-tone flash. Different modes in the camera are HDR and panorama mode. The phone can record videos at 1080p@30fps. The phone also has an awesome secondary camera that has 8 MP lens.

Blackberry Motion: Battery

You will get two days battery time with the help of 4000 mAh battery. The long-lasting battery also supports fast charging with the help of Type C reversible connector. The phone does not support wireless charging.

Blackberry Motion: Performance

The phone runs on the latest Android 7.1 OS and has enough power to run all the latest application and games. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 625 processor and has 4 GB of RAM. The RAM helps you to seamlessly open multiple applications at the same time. You will get 32 GB internal memory on the phone and the memory can be expanded with the help of microSD card. The card slot supports up to 256 GB of space.

If you compare blackberry mobile phones prices with other brands; you will notice that the phones are available for low price because the company wants to make a comeback in the cell phone market. The phone has android interface and it also comes with different blackberry support applications that will enhance the user experience.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Release Date, Features and Specification

Xiaomi is a privately owned company which operates from mainland China. The company manufactures different consumer electronics such as fitness trackers, televisions, tablets and air purifiers. Apart from these; the company is also famous for making Android-based smartphones. The company launches all their cell phones with a custom based MIUI. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is the Android smartphone that was launched by the company in September 2017. The phone has a Dual SIM standby and comes with moderate price tag of 500 AUD. If you compare mobile phone prices in Australia; then you will notice that the phone has a good price-to-feature ratio.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - PayLessDeal

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: Screen and Design

The phone has good design and offers a curvy body as well. The phone does not have a single body frame and it increases the weight of the phone. The phone weighs 185 grams and the screen size is 5.99 inches. The screen has less bezel around the skin and has the screen to body ratio of 80 percent. The screen provides a maximum resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. The screen is protected by Corning glass 4 that can withstand the fall of up to 4 feet. The phone features a ceramic back and aluminum frame. The phone is available in white and black color. Unlike other xiaomi cell phones; the fingerprint sensor is located on the bottom of the screen.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: Performance

The phone shines in the performance department as well. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that is the latest processor manufactured by the company. The octa-core CPU and Adreno 540 GPU can help you to run all the latest games and applications. The phone comes with 128 GB of internal memory. The only downside is the phone is that it does not have the external card slot.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: Camera

The primary camera of the phone has 12 MP sensor and has different features. The primary camera has the aperture ratio of f/2.0. You will also find dual-tone LED flash on the phone. The primary camera records video of 2160p@30 fps, 1080p@30fps and 720p@120 fps. Other features of the phone include face detection, geo-tagging, touch focus, HDR mode and panorama mode. The phone also features secondary camera of 5 MP. The secondary camera has the aperture ratio of f/2.0. You can make the video at 1080 pixels.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: Battery

The phone has a 3400 mAh battery that lasts for a whole day without any recharge. The phone does not support fast charging but the charge speed is faster as compared to older xiaomi models with the help of type-c connector. Some xiaomi models feature removable battery but mi max 2 does not have a removable battery.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is one of the best phones on the market right now. With good screen and processor; you will get high-end features on the phone. So; compare xiaomi mobile prices and find the best deals over the internet.

Top 5 Nokia phone of 2017

Credited as one of the best smartphone manufacturer of the world during the start of twenty first century. At that instance; the company was manufacturing more than 80 percent of world’s mobile phones but in 2014; the company had to shut their operations down due to losses. The company’s planned return was with a revamped nokia 3310 and a bunch of android phones. Nokia is gaining a lot of popularity again due to their sturdy phones and state of the art camera features. Before making a purchase; you should compare nokia mobile Phones prices and this will help you to notice that the company is providing high end cell phones at low price. Here are the top 5 Nokia mobiles currently available in the market.

Nokia 6:

This is the first android cell phone launched by HMD global under the brand Nokia. The phone has a 5.5 inch display with the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The phone has a sturdy design and the back is made of aluminum. The phone has 64 GB internal memory and you can also expand the memory with the help of expandable memory slot. You will get 3000 mAh battery in the phone which lasts for a whole day.

Nokia 3310:

HMD global brought back the nostalgia with the new version of 3310. This is the iconic phone that was very popular back in 2000s. The new Nokia 3310 comes with 2.4 inch polarized screen and 16 MB ROM. You can expand the memory with the help of extendable memory slot. The phone supports dual-SIM band and the phone has its own OS. The phone has mp3 music support and you will also get a 2 MP camera in the phone.

Nokia 3:

With 5.0 inch display; this is a durable phone manufactured by Nokia. The phone has 2 GB RAM quad-core processor. The phone comes with 16 GB internal memory and you can also expand the memory with the help of extendable memory slot. The slot supports up to 128 GB of memory. The phone runs of the latest android operating system.

Nokia 5:

The phone boasts an aluminum body and has 5.2 inch screen. The phone has design features to die for is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 430 processor. The phone has 13 MP primary camera and 8 MP secondary camera. You will find 3000 mAh battery in the phone and android 7.1 to run the daily processes.

Nokia 8:

The phone was released in August 2017 and it filled with latest specs sheet. The phone features the latest android OS and has 4 GB of RAM for seamless multi-tasking.

Apart from these; nokia is also planning a new slim lineup that will be released in the first quarter of 2018. The company has always released phones with competitive prices and they are also releasing the new phones with cool features and also have maintained the low price tag. So, compare mobile phone prices manufactured by different brands to get the best price over the internet.

IPhone 8 Vs Galaxy S8: Samsung Wins Flagship Phone Battle

There is a lot of difference between Iphone 8 and Samsung S8. The main difference comes in terms of the operating system and apart from this; from design to overall features; everything about the two phones is different. Mobile phone price comparison of both phones reveal that both phones fall in the same price range so let’s break down the other features of the phones one by one.


The glass back of the IPhone 8 gives it an esthetic look but the front of the phone still resembles the iPhone 7. Samsung on the other hand has reduced the bezels around the screen and has given new look to the phone. Samsung phone also boasts infinity display that IPhone 8 lacks. The aspect ratio of the Samsung device is also better than that of the IPhone 8. When it comes to the weigh; both phones comes in par. The 5.5 inch screen makes iPhone much easier to use than the Samsung phone. Samsung has also kept the headphone jack intact and this is a good news for all music lovers.


Samsung rolled out the new phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors that made them the fastest android smartphones in the market. On the other hand; apple has released the phone with A11 chip and the in-depth analysis reveal some important facts about both phones. On the geek bench 4; iPhone scored 10,000 score while Samsung only achieved 6300 score.  In video-editing test, the iphone took only 42 seconds to render 2-minute 4K video while it took 4 minutes by Galaxy S8.


Both phones comes with exceptional cameras and it is very difficult to choose a clear winner between them. Apple Iphone 8 comes with a wider and larger sensor than its predecessor and you also get a portrait model that blurs the background. On the other hand; Samsung s8 comes with a dual camera setup that provides more detail to users. Samsugn s8’s camera also works perfect in the low light conditions.

Battery Life

Both the companies have invested a lot in the battery department. Samsung had a very rough 2016 as they had to deal with note 7 fiasco and had to recall phones from the market. So; they have decided to introduce all their flagship phones with 8 pin security system. When we conducted the battery test on both phones; which involved web surfing on 4G and 150 nits brightness.

In the test; apple iphone lasted 9 hours and 54 minutes while the S8 lasted for 10 hours and 40 minutes which makes Samsung a clear winner in the battery department

In terms of screen and design; Samsung s8 is the clear winner but Apple has also introduced some high end features in this year’s phone as well. A lot of improvements have also been made to voice assistant and apple play. If you compare apple mobile phones with other competitors in the market; you will notice that the phone creates its own demand due to its unique interface and awesome design features.

Top 7 Oppo phones of 2017

Oppo has released many eye-catching models for general public and has been getting popular day by day. The company started off by selling smartphones in China and India and have now expanded their market to Europe and Oceania. If you compare oppo mobile phones prices; you will notice that the company has many mid-range phones that offer exceptional features. Here is the list of top 7 oppo phones of 2017.

Oppo F1 Plus:

Oppo F1 Plus - PayLessDeal

Oppo F1 Plus has elevated the previous models front camera and has elevated the bar by replacing the lens with a much better one. The new phone comes with 16 MP front camera and has the aperture ratio of f/2.0. The phone features a 5.5-inch screen that provides vivid and sharp colors.

Oppo F1:

Oppo F1

Oppo F1 is considered as one of the best phones of 2016 and this success can be credited to its 8.0 MP f/2.0 front camera. The phone has a 5.0-inch screen and the phone is very comfortable to use with a single hand.

Oppo Neo 7:

Oppo Neo 7 - PayLessDeal
Oppo Neo 7 shines in the design department with shiny back and front. The phone has awesome features that are a mix of mid-level and entry-level phones.

Oppo R7 Plus:

Oppo R7 Plus
R7 Plus is one of the most durable phones released by Oppo Company. The phone also shines in the battery department with its 4100 mAh battery that lasts for two days. With extra backup time; the phone can be your ultimate traveling companion.

Oppo Mirror 5:

Oppo Mirror 5 - PayLessDeal

Mirror 5 is a phone that has awesome design features and phenomenal specifications. The phone comes with 5.0-inch display and has features of the mid-range phone. In the back of the phone; you will find shiny curves that increase the beauty of the phone. Oppo has released this phone with revamped OS called color OS that is based on Android. With the good camera and high-quality sound; this is a mid-range phone that will provide you cutting-edge features. So, if you want a phone with high-end features but you have a tight budget; this is a phone you should consider buying.

Oppo R7S:

Oppo R7S - PayLessDeal

Oppo R7S comes with 5.5-inch screen and offer 3 GB RAM to the users. 3 GB of RAM and fast processor helps you to run multiple applications at the same time and you can also play high-end games on the phone as well. You will find 32 GB of internal storage and the storage can be increased with the help of external card storage.

Oppo R7:

Oppo R7 - PayLessDeal

This is the second variant of Oppo R7s and has a 5.0-inch screen. The phone boasts great design features and 6.3 mm unibody chassis and it offers a slightly-curved display. The 2320 mAh battery can help you to use the phone for the whole day without asking for a single recharge.

To get the best prices of oppo smartphone; you should compare mobile phone prices online as you will also find many deals and offers on this technique.