Comparison between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

With the help of our work, we are aiming at providing the users with the correct information and helping them to choose the iPhone which suits best according to their need and what they would prefer with respect to the specification and quality. In this article, we are discussing the two mobile phone models of Apple: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. First, we will describe the specifications and then their differences and similarities.


i4Phone 6s: 4.7 inch, 1334×750, 326 ppi, 3D Touch.

iPhone 6s Plus: 5.5 inch, 1920×1080, 401 ppi, 3D Touch.

If you are a gamer or watch videos more often, the 5.5 inch iPhone 6s Plus screen will be a better option as compared to 4.7 inch iPhone 6s screen.


iPhone 6s: A9 64 bit dual-core 1.84 GHz, PowerVR GT7600 GPU, 2GB RAM.

iPhone 6s Plus: A9 64 bit dual-core 1.84 GHz, PowerVR GT7600 GPU, 2GB RAM.

In terms of performance, there is no difference between the iPhones, both are fitted with the same A9 chip giving about 70 percent boosted performance than the previous A8 chip. And improving the RAM to 2GB is the most significant improvement.


iPhone 6s: 12 megapixel, dual-LED ‘True Tone’ flash, 4K video, 1.2-megapixel facetime (front) camera.

iPhone 6s Plus: 12 megapixel, OIS, dual LED ‘True Tone’ flash, 4K video, 1.2-megapixel facetime (front) camera.

Both devices have a high-resolution 12-megapixel camera, 4K video recording, and 1.2-megapixel front camera. The difference between the two devices is OIS which stands for Optical Image Stabilisation used to reduce the blurring due to the motion of a camera. Well, lit-photos captured by both devices are same but low-light photos and videos of iPhone 6s Plus are better as compared to the other.


iPhone 6s: 1715 mAh battery.

iPhone 6s Plus: 2750 mAh battery.

Obviously, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus will give you more usage time than iPhone 6s because of the smaller battery in 6s than 6s Plus. Although both phones come with a new Low Power mode to improve the battery life.


iPhone 6s: 7.1mm thick, 143g, Aluminium back.

iPhone 6s Plus: 7.3mm thick, 192g, Aluminium back.

The two phones look quite same with respect to the design with one notable difference, obviously the size


iPhone 6s: Space Grey, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.

iPhone 6s Plus: Space Grey, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.

There is no difference in colors of the two devices. Both devices come in the same series of colors.

The purpose of this article is not to say that any of the above is the best or the worst. We are just comparing them to provide you the best of the best for your need. Last but not the least, if you want further information and proper consultation, you should better visit some trustworthy price comparison site.


7 Retail Trends That Will Shape How You Shop In 2016?

After consulting with their contributors and stockholders, shopping experts have redefined the retail trends for the year, 2016. Following are the 7 most important trends or aspects that will shape how you will or should shop in 2016.

I. Amazon Would Face Challenges

Most of the reputed retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom etc. have started to impact on their shoppers while implementing better technology and enhanced shopping services. No matter, Amazon is the father of digital retailing industry for many years; however, this time Amazon will have to review its tactics and marketing strategies due to heavy competition in retailing industry. If you are looking for getting the best deals on Target, Walmart, or Nordstrom products then there is no better place than Paylessdeal, where you can compare and shop your heart favorite products at the cheapest rates.

II. Retailers Will Exploit the Mainstreaming of the Health & Wellness Trend

In 2016, retailers will fully utilize its trends of health and fitness. And, it will help for those shoppers especially who are interested in other than just traditional food. On the other hand, it will create opportunities for hundreds of brands as well to display their products on a single platform.

III. Entrance of Beacon Technologies

Beacon sensors, which are used in shelves, displays, and signs, will continue to grow for in-store mobile technology due to the heavy completion among various online retailers.

IV. Retailers Will Calculate Customers data beyond eCommerce & Marketing

Advance shopping analytics will be implemented to improve localization, which is suspected as a crucial aspect in 2016. These advance analytic algorithms will also assist to improve the product’s design & demand infrastructure as well as demand and pricing decisions.

V. Online Surge will impact Store Closings

It is also suspected that more and more stores, especially smaller ones, will be shut down this year due to the huge rise in eCommerce and price comparison shopping.

VI. Retailers Will Pursue with Food

Retailers have become intelligent now and they are finding more ways to boost up the business as soon as possible. In 2016, one of the trends will be to offers shop mouthwatering food online to attract more customers.

VII. Apparel Sales and Gains

According to Bloomberg intelligence, apparel sales will probably increase in 2016. And, the reason behind is the fashion trends, which will not change in a massive way. On the other hand, people will look for fitness apparel more instead of fashion apparel. It is good news for clothing retailers such as Under Armour too, which sells big range of fitness apparel. To shop at Under Armour and similar brands online, always try to visit Paylessdeal where you will be able to compare prices and get a cheap buy in a convenient way.

4 Suggestions to buy Christening Outfits for Baby Boys

In this article, tips for fastest shopping for those parents who have less time to spend for christening outfits for their baby boys.

  1. > Shop at One Go

For people who just entered into parenthood, as they are rather more overwhelmed with the new household tasks of taking care of their child and keep them busy the whole night. So for them, it would be prudent to swiftly plan out whatever items they need for their newborn and focus on a particular time to purchase all of their baby stuff at one go.

  1. > Internet is Undoubtedly a Blessing In-disguise

In this fastest age, internet is indeed a blessing for busy parents to buy baby products. As everyone is running short of time, so speed matters a lot. You just need to search for Christian baby websites instead of just finding Christian clothes. As you are intended to search for christening outfits for baby boys, so that is why you must need to compare prices in order to have a comprehensive knowledge of the prices of these christening outfits. Here, internet or the various search engines will help you a lot to locate online stores in your locality. Moreover, here you will be able to make a comparison with different online stores which will enable you to know about your desired product and its charges. In addition, you can book you item online as well.

  1. > Outfit Sizes and Related Accessories

Size does matter. Please make sure the size of the christening outfits of you baby boy. In fact, you must know the size that it must not be too small or too large for your baby. As you are about to buy the christening dresses online, therefore, you might consider purchasing some other accessories to balance it. It would depend on your taste and wants. Shoes, jackets, head bands, bibles to picture frames, hats and crosses. Now, as you are running short of time, so it is better for you to take full advantage and hence buy what you require for your dearest baby in one go. Certain online stores provide free of cost shipping on certain amount of shopping.

  1. > Shop Online Means One Window Shopping

To gather, we can say that It is better to make use of this fastest growing services of internet and get a handful benefit of its offers and the offers of different stores available on the internet. This would help you buy hassle free on one hand but also save your precious time on the other. Moreover, if you are not willing to go and struck in the road traffic, you can place your order online as well. In fact, we can abruptly assert that the fastest way to have christening outfits for baby boys is to make use of the internet to hunt particularly for it. Parents are undoubtedly are lacking time and cannot afford to waste their time for searching and searching on the malls the christening outfits for baby boys. So, it would be far better for them to purchase their required outfits from online baby stores.

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5 ways out to Make Smart Choice in Home Appliances


In this article, you will find the benefits of shopping online for multiple desired Home Appliances of the consumer. It will help you by explaining the method of Online Shopping.

  1. Buy Home Appliances Online:

Smart person comes online, smart person sees/observes and smart person conquers the world. The more you are smart, the more you can conquer the world soon. For instance, if you talk about getting information about any Home Appliance, you can have it all. Like Vacuum Cleaners, Fridge, Oven, Water Heater, Clothes Dryer, LCDs or LEDs, you just name it on the search engine and the information is just a click away from you. Come what may the latest information or old one, without any discrimination, you can have them all. In addition, you can find the intimate details of your desired product.

  1. Watch Out the Intimate Detail:

In addition, in the comparison sites, one can know about the intimate details like types of Home Appliance, e.g., if one is searching about LEDs, one can get information about types of LEDs, its mainstream brands, their price comparisons, their properties, their pros and cons and above all one can know about the cheapest or affordable deals or offers which the brands or the shopping malls are offering for the promotion of the product or their stores etc.

  1. Buyers Meet Sellers and Their Reviews:

Moreover, here, one can have buyers, sellers and the versatile range of desired products. One can have a lot of Pay Less kind of sites which provide a comprehensive display place for a variety of products, their features, weaknesses and strengths, views and reviews of the old customers and above all the price comparison of competitors’ products. So, here all pleasures go to the smart consumer. He gets the branded items on a very appropriate price on one hand and as per the bulk size of his pocket on the other.

  1. Smart People, Smart Choice, Better World:

Don’t work hard but smart. There is no gainsaying in claiming 21st century to be a Smart Century of smart people. Smartness means spend less energy, less time and get more benefits than expectations. Smart people having smart choice which made everything else smart as well. You just take the world. This big world has become smart enough that you may call it a global village or town. Now you can have ease of access on anything through internet. You just name it, internet has it.

  1. Key to Move On :

To gather, we can conclude that in order to become Smart, one only needs a little concentration followed by little understanding of fruitful and worth using comparison sites of E-Commerce. And if one comprehends fully the rightful and productive usage of the search engines like or Price Comparison sites like PayLessdeal, then nobody can stop him to Move On and On…