What are the Logical Reasons to buy an iPhone X than Others?

Are you a bit confused which iPhone is the best for your need? Have watched plenty of videos? Is the iPhone X really suits your need? So far Apple lined-up eight models in the market so is a tricky question while choosing the right one for you. Fortunately, you’re at the right place. Apple has recently launched a new iPhone X that looks incredible and faster than ever. And we are here going to share the logical reasons why you should go for an iPhone X instead of another smartphone.

iphone x

No Home Button

Eventually, Apple launched iPhone X entirely with a new design from previous models and announced it as “the future” in the world of smartphone technology. They made Apple iPhone X 64GB Mobile Phone without home button which leads you to next level of technology undoubtedly. It apparently means now you’re going to control your phone with your different gestures. So, if you’re not specifically relying on the home button, iPhone X could be the best option for you.

Face ID Feature

None other than iPhone X has a new way to unlock your phone by using its TrueDepth camera and new Face ID feature. Whenever you are about to unlock your phone, just look at the iPhone X and swipe up on the screen to log in. Even it can be used for authenticating mobile payments. However, Touch ID is much fast, but you can unlock your phone with Face ID when you have your fingers sweaty or messy. According to the tests, Face ID works well in the dark and in bright sunlight.

Dual Camera

The iPhone X comes with a dual camera which not just offers a bigger and faster sensor but more than fantastic colors. The rear camera has all the bells and whistles, 2x optical zoom and optical image stabilization on both lenses which absolutely offer the most complete iPhone camera package. On the other hand, now you can take portrait photos, even you can do unique AR tricks and 3D mapping for clever ticks like an emojis with the front camera.

Big OLED Display

A big screen is one of the most important factors that cannot be overlooked when it comes to buying a smartphone. Happily, iPhone X comes with the widest OLED display screen 5.8-inches which support the maximum resolution of 2436 pixels by 1125 pixels at 458 pixels-per-inch. It’s also being called “Super Retina”. Moreover, Apple claims that it offers more realistic colors than the competition. OLED panel is being used in iPhone X which offers wider viewing angles and screen supports HDR contents too.

The iPhone X Price

Apple devices have never been cheap and no one even said that they would be affordable in the near future. Despite, Apple iPhone X 256GB Mobile Phone Price is higher than the other phones but you can have this phone in your hand with all its amazing features if you go for less storage capacity phone. Because the less you select storage, the less you will be going to pay.


Top 7 Accessories for your iPhone 8/ 8 Plus Mobile Phone

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus mobile phones have already been introduced, and even the hardware is incredible itself, you can take maximum benefit of many of their additional features with some accessories.

iphone x

Wireless and fast charging may be supported, but none of them will work with your brand new iPhone device. But with the help of the following accessories list, you can make your device up and run without any hassle.

  1. Wireless Charging Pad

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Apple iPhone X 64Gb mobile phones are the first iPhone models with wireless charging, but you would require a wireless charging pad to work with it. You can check and compare many wireless charging pads online; however, RAVPower’s Fast is one of the best if you require fast speed.

  1. Fast Charging Power Adapter

Although wireless charging is one of the shining features of all new Apple iPhone devices, the fact that they all offer fast charging functionality shouldn’t be overlooked. Fast charging needs an adapter and a particular cable, but if you are the one who considered iPad Pro last year, it’s totally worth it. After all, everyone wants to see the mobile phone battery charged within minutes after plugging in.

  1. Wireless External Battery

Although Apple widely supports the wireless Qi standard for most of the new iPhone devices, there is an entire product’s ecosystem already you can use. And if you are confused which external battery pack to choose, Mophie is one of the best in business as it also has a wireless charging pad built-in. You can still plug your iPhone into its USB ports via a cable though, but the core benefit of it is that you remain charge while on the go without carrying any cable. 10,000mAh extended battery would be able enough for two days minimum.

  1. Bluetooth Headphones

Talking more about wireless, if the iPhone 8 phone is your prior choice without a headphone jack, you would probably opt for a Bluetooth headphone. Although there are various kinds of earbuds available in the market, iFrogz’s Impulse Duo is on our top list due to its audio quality and convenience. And best of all, you can get it under $50.

  1. Mobile Phone Case

A wide range of cases are available in the market for Apple iPhone 8 64GB mobile phone, but if you are the one who wants your device completely safe and protected without adding too much bulk then Caseology case should be your number 1 choice. The case is composed of some shockproof materials so you could remain protected from heavy drops. Crystal C1 is another great choice if you are limited in budget. This case will give you strong grip with beautiful glass back, which is specifically designed for the transparent look.

  1. TuneBand Sports Strap

If you are an athlete or sports enthusiast, having an iPhone 8 within your trouser pocket can be risky. With having a strong strap like TuneBand Sports strap will give you complete freedom while running or in the field. It offers a secure grip on your arm and works as a protective silicon mobile case.

  1. Kenu Stance Tripod

If you want to take maximum advantage of iPhone 8’s updated camera, then you should opt for a tripod. Kenu Stance Tripod is the perfect choice for this that uses the lightning port to grip your smartphone. Not only this, this also works as a landscape desktop stand as well as bottle opener attached.

What are the Things to Consider When it Comes to Buying iPhone X

Apple iPhones are generally expensive, but if you take a look back, you would be amazed that the first iPhone was launched by Apple with the price just $499 while the iPhone 6s 16GB cost only $199. But not too long ago, Apple announced three new iPhones in a single month: the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and of course high-end iPhone X. And the prices of these phones start at $699, $799 and $999 separately. So choosing the right one for you can be a bit tricky but mentioned below five things will guide you make the right decision.

iPhone X

Home Button

The iPhone X which Apple announced “the future” in the world of smartphones has entirely new design from previous iPhone models. But on its 10th anniversary, they have eventually made the changes in design and launched Apple iPhone X 256GB Mobile Phone with no home button. It apparently means now you’ll have to learn a new way how to control your phone with your gestures. So, if you aren’t respectively relying on the home button, you can definitely go to an iPhone X.

The iPhone X Camera

If you’re a selfie lover or want to capture every moment with the high-resolution camera, then go for an iPhone X without any ado. It has a second telephoto lens for better zoom and DSLR-like portraits. Interestingly, Apple added “Portrait Lighting” mode to make portrait shots much better as well as added slightly faster aperture and optical image stabilization on a lens.

Face ID Scanner

Now in the iPhone X, not only home button has disappeared but fingerprint scanner too. As per Apple, Face ID is a more secure way to unlock the phone and authenticate payments than Touch ID. Although, it may be safer but doesn’t seem to be as convenient as unlocking a phone by placing your finger.

The iPhone X Cost

It’s a universal truth that Apple iPhones have never been cheap. And if you’re on a tight budget, then you can consider the Apple upgrade program which helps you pay off your phone over a 24-month comfortable period and once you are done with your half of the payments, you can upgrade the latest model with no issue.

Moreover, if you’re looking around, searching ways, watching videos to buy an iPhone X at less cost, you are at the right place then. The best option is to use price comparison tool as numerous online stores offer plenty of deals and discounts on their stock that can help you save bucks. And if you’re looking to compare Apple iPhone X 256GB Mobile Phone price in Australia, we have got you covered. We at PayLessDeal.com.au offers you the broadest list of stores offering an iPhone X in Australia at the most reasonable price along with an instant discount. So, instead of looking around, just have an eye for comparison once and get the iPhone X at unmatched prices.

The iPhone X Screen

In spite of the fact that, all three new iPhones – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X comes with Apple’s latest technology. And the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have HD retina like predecessors while X comes with Super retina display with more pixels per inch. The iPhone X has also known as the first iPhone in which OLED and HDR technology is being used which produces perfect colors and more attractive high-resolution images.

Is it a Wise Decision to Buy iPhone X or Not?

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to buying smartphones online, almost too much in fact. Perhaps chances are high if you are reading this article. Despite you have at least limited your options down to the iPhone. There are numerous exquisite options for purchasing an iPhone whether you buy directly from Apple, a carrier or another retailer. In the past year, Apple has launched its latest trio of iPhones, e.g., iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and of course iPhone X.

iPhone X

Out of them, iPhone X is considered to be the best phone Apple has made so far. Just take a look at the mentioned below top features of iPhone X that will surely let you go for it.

The iPhone X is also being called as an iPhone 10. And it comes with plenty of features that cannot be found anywhere else. Also, if you are looking for a phone that brings you everything, iPhone X is the right answer for you.

High-Quality Camera

iPhone X is basically the same as what you can find on the iPhone 8 plus or 8, but what makes X different is, it offers an improved portrait lightening features.

Wireless Charging

Get rid of plugging your phone charger over and over again when you have iPhone X. It sports wireless charging using the Qi standard. Simply, put iPhone X on a charging mat to recharge the battery.

A Wide Storage

When it comes to the storage factor as compared to the other iPhone models, iPhone X has a wide built-in” storage that helps you store your data with less hassle. So, if you are looking to get rid of the storage problem, an Apple iPhone X 256GB Mobile Phone is the best option.

High-Speed Processor

Happily, iPhone X comes with the latest, fastest, reliable and the most capable chip. It offers you up to 70% better performance for computing with the help of new A11 Bionic chip while a new graphics chip with up to 30% faster performance. So, say goodbye to all the worries you face while using a phone.

3D Touch Screen

The reason behind the high demand of iPhone X is its 3D Touch Screen which detects easily how hard you are pushing on it. Correspondingly, it responds in different ways. It not only enables eye-catching features such as Live Photos but also opens a whole host of new user-interface options.

Most importantly, if you are about to buy a new iPhone, examine what really matters to you in a phone, what doesn’t and which model do you really like to buy. If you are looking to buy an iPhone online at the most affordable price, then you can have an eye on Apple iPhone X 64GB Mobile Phone using price comparison tool. It comes with less price as compared to iPhone 256GB memory and fits your budget comfortably with all other same features. So, there is nothing to be worried about the features because price varies only according to the built-in memory while all other features remain same

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Note 8 – who is better in terms of performance, features and display

Apple and Samsung have been fighting for the ultimate crown of the smartphone industry. Both companies manufacture different types of mobiles as Apple manufacture only one or two models each year and have end to end encryption. This means that you can only share data between the Apple devices and you will need additional services to send data to other android or chrome devices. On the other hand; Samsung manufactures phones with open end android OS and released multiple phones every year. Samsung phones come in different price range and you can buy them for as long as 200 dollars and as high as 1300 dollars. Both Apple iPhone X 64 GB LTE 4G and Samsung Note 8 has similar specifications and this comparison will help you to analyze who win the ultimate performance, display and design battle.

iphone x 256 gb

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Design

Earlier this year; we saw that Samsung Galaxy S8 raised the bar of modern design in the smartphone industry with its infinity display and other features. Note 8 was also redesigned and the company deduced the bezels around the screen and make the screen larger. The fingerprint sensor was placed beside the rear camera and this is the point that was criticized by many users. While; iPhone X also has changed drastically but there is a substantial amount of bezel on top and bottom of the phone. Coming to the size of the phone; note 8 comes with 6.4 inches while iPhone X accounts for only 5.7 inches. The larger phone provides the more beautiful display as well.

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Display

Samsung always had an upper hand in terms of display due to the OLED screen but this year; Apple has also introduced the phone with the OLED display. The OLED screens that reinstalled in the iPhone X has a lot of disadvantages, you will get 2436 x 1135 resolution in the phone while the Note 8 display has the maximum resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. Note 8 also has the better ppi of 521. So, Samsung is packing more pixel on the screen providing the better result to the users.

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Performance

Apple has always been manufacturing high-end processor that is compatible with the iPhone devices. The A11 bionic processor is also the same deal as it blows away all the competition from the android phones. The video editing test in which both phones had to transcode 2 minutes 4 K video; iPhone X performed better as it completed the task in 42 seconds. On the other hand; the Note 8 which is powered by 835 processor completed the job in 3 minutes.

Both phones are getting good reviews over the web but in terms of screen and display; note 8 is the clear winner. In performance department; iPhone X provide faster multitasking and wins the race hands down. So if you are looking for a phone that performs best in tough situations; then iPhone X is the right phone for you. Apple iPhone X mobile phone prices vary from different stores to compare the prices before making the final purchase decision.