Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Note 8 – who is better in terms of performance, features and display

Apple and Samsung have been fighting for the ultimate crown of the smartphone industry. Both companies manufacture different types of mobiles as Apple manufacture only one or two models each year and have end to end encryption. This means that you can only share data between the Apple devices and you will need additional services to send data to other android or chrome devices. On the other hand; Samsung manufactures phones with open end android OS and released multiple phones every year. Samsung phones come in different price range and you can buy them for as long as 200 dollars and as high as 1300 dollars. Both Apple iPhone X 64 GB LTE 4G and Samsung Note 8 has similar specifications and this comparison will help you to analyze who win the ultimate performance, display and design battle.

iphone x 256 gb

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Design

Earlier this year; we saw that Samsung Galaxy S8 raised the bar of modern design in the smartphone industry with its infinity display and other features. Note 8 was also redesigned and the company deduced the bezels around the screen and make the screen larger. The fingerprint sensor was placed beside the rear camera and this is the point that was criticized by many users. While; iPhone X also has changed drastically but there is a substantial amount of bezel on top and bottom of the phone. Coming to the size of the phone; note 8 comes with 6.4 inches while iPhone X accounts for only 5.7 inches. The larger phone provides the more beautiful display as well.

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Display

Samsung always had an upper hand in terms of display due to the OLED screen but this year; Apple has also introduced the phone with the OLED display. The OLED screens that reinstalled in the iPhone X has a lot of disadvantages, you will get 2436 x 1135 resolution in the phone while the Note 8 display has the maximum resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels. Note 8 also has the better ppi of 521. So, Samsung is packing more pixel on the screen providing the better result to the users.

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Note 8: Performance

Apple has always been manufacturing high-end processor that is compatible with the iPhone devices. The A11 bionic processor is also the same deal as it blows away all the competition from the android phones. The video editing test in which both phones had to transcode 2 minutes 4 K video; iPhone X performed better as it completed the task in 42 seconds. On the other hand; the Note 8 which is powered by 835 processor completed the job in 3 minutes.

Both phones are getting good reviews over the web but in terms of screen and display; note 8 is the clear winner. In performance department; iPhone X provide faster multitasking and wins the race hands down. So if you are looking for a phone that performs best in tough situations; then iPhone X is the right phone for you. Apple iPhone X mobile phone prices vary from different stores to compare the prices before making the final purchase decision.