IPhone 8 Vs Galaxy S8: Samsung Wins Flagship Phone Battle

There is a lot of difference between Iphone 8 and Samsung S8. The main difference comes in terms of the operating system and apart from this; from design to overall features; everything about the two phones is different. Mobile phone price comparison of both phones reveal that both phones fall in the same price range so let’s break down the other features of the phones one by one.


The glass back of the IPhone 8 gives it an esthetic look but the front of the phone still resembles the iPhone 7. Samsung on the other hand has reduced the bezels around the screen and has given new look to the phone. Samsung phone also boasts infinity display that IPhone 8 lacks. The aspect ratio of the Samsung device is also better than that of the IPhone 8. When it comes to the weigh; both phones comes in par. The 5.5 inch screen makes iPhone much easier to use than the Samsung phone. Samsung has also kept the headphone jack intact and this is a good news for all music lovers.


Samsung rolled out the new phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors that made them the fastest android smartphones in the market. On the other hand; apple has released the phone with A11 chip and the in-depth analysis reveal some important facts about both phones. On the geek bench 4; iPhone scored 10,000 score while Samsung only achieved 6300 score.  In video-editing test, the iphone took only 42 seconds to render 2-minute 4K video while it took 4 minutes by Galaxy S8.


Both phones comes with exceptional cameras and it is very difficult to choose a clear winner between them. Apple Iphone 8 comes with a wider and larger sensor than its predecessor and you also get a portrait model that blurs the background. On the other hand; Samsung s8 comes with a dual camera setup that provides more detail to users. Samsugn s8’s camera also works perfect in the low light conditions.

Battery Life

Both the companies have invested a lot in the battery department. Samsung had a very rough 2016 as they had to deal with note 7 fiasco and had to recall phones from the market. So; they have decided to introduce all their flagship phones with 8 pin security system. When we conducted the battery test on both phones; which involved web surfing on 4G and 150 nits brightness.

In the test; apple iphone lasted 9 hours and 54 minutes while the S8 lasted for 10 hours and 40 minutes which makes Samsung a clear winner in the battery department

In terms of screen and design; Samsung s8 is the clear winner but Apple has also introduced some high end features in this year’s phone as well. A lot of improvements have also been made to voice assistant and apple play. If you compare apple mobile phones with other competitors in the market; you will notice that the phone creates its own demand due to its unique interface and awesome design features.