Apple Ipad Air 2 Review, Features and Specifications

If you are looking to buy a premium tablet right now; then Apple Ipad Air 2 is the best available choice. The tablet comes with a screen that provides vivid colors and has unique performance features to run all the latest games and application. If you compare tablet prices among different brands; you will notice that the Apple Ipad Air 2 has a high price but also provide great value to the customers.

Apple Ipad Air 2 Review

Apple Ipad Air 2: Design

This is one of the most beautiful tablet on the market and boasts awesome design features. The company introduced this tablet as a cheap alternative to the Ipad but they did not compromise on the quality of the hardware. The Ipad Air 2 is lighter and thinner than its predecessor. TouchID is the highlight of this tablet and it gives a classy look to this new device. The device weighs only 437 grams and is only 6.1 mm thick which makes it 32 grams lighter than its predecessor. The aluminum back makes it durable than most tablets on the market. You will find the charging port at the bottom of the tablet. The lock and volume key is also located on the sides of the tablet. Stereo speakers are also located under the tablet that provides high bass and detailed sound as well.

Apple Ipad Air 2: Screen

Many users have criticized the lack of innovation in the design and performance department of the apple company. You will find a touch responsive IPS display on the tablet that supports that maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The screen provides vibrant and vivid colors. The screen also provides great viewing angles and it is a pleasure watching videos on this tablet.

Apple Ipad Air 2: Performance

You will find 64-bit A7 processor in the tablet; this is the same processor that was used in iPhone 5S mobile phone. Apart from this; the tablet is powered by tri-core CPU that has the clock speed of 1.5 GHz. With the quad-core graphics processing unit and 2 GB of RAM; you can run all the latest games without any issue. Latest Samsung tablet 10S has the more powerful processor and wins in the performance department but the design features make up for it. On the Geekbench 3; Apple Ipad 2 Air scores an impressive score of 4509. The tablet is a complete lack of performance and beauty.

Apple Ipad Air 2: Camera and Battery

The company has managed to offers 10-hour battery life on this small laptop. On a single recharge, you will get a playback time of more than 4 hours.

Apple Company is known for manufacturing high-end devices and the new Ipad Air 2 follows the same pattern. With high-end performance features and awesome design features; this is a must purchase device. Compare apple tablet prices and features before making a final purchase decision. By comparing the prices on a good price comparison store; you will get great offers and deals on different Apple products.


Acer Iconia Tab 10 (A3-30) Review, Features and Specifications

Acer Iconia is a low-cost tablet that boasts a high-resolution screen and different unique features as well. This is the 10-inch tablet that has been creating the headline in the IT industry due to its up to date features and awesome design features. If you compare tablet prices among different brands; you will notice that the acer provides the best value among the competitors. Here is the breakdown of Acer Iconia 10 tablet:

Acer Iconia - PayLessDeal

Acer Iconia Tab 10: Design

The laptop has a 10.1-inch screen and has bulky design features as well. The laptop is different from the new laptops that are available in the market. The laptop is difficult to be used with a single hand; due to its bulky design. The tablet weighs 529 grams and is 8.9mm thick. The tablet is different from the fancy Apple Ipad and has a plastic like a feel. You will find a bronze plate on the back of the tablet that hides the microSD and micro HDMI slot. The unique design of the tablet will surely raise some eyebrows. Most tablets in the current price range comes with 8 GB of internal memory but Acer has introduced 32 GB internal memory in the machine.

Acer Iconia Tab 10: Screen

The tablet shines in the screen department and you will get the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 on the tablet. The screen provides high-end colors and the vivid display makes it a wonderful cinema experience when you are watching movies on it. The only flaw with the tablet screen is that it struggles with displaying bright red colors and the tablet also face problem showing black colors. The black color provides a more greyish look. With the lack of ambient light sensor; you will also face difficulty using the tablet in a bright room.

Acer Iconia Tab 10: Software and Camera

Acer Iconia comes with Android 6.0 operating system. The best thing about the tablet is that it offers standard android experience and you will not find any custom UI on the tablet. An extra custom home screen is also added by the company that gives it an aesthetic feel. The tablet comes with a 5 MP camera but it lacks flash. Image quality is poor and upon zooming it; you will notice granules in the images. Apart from this; you will also get a 2 MP selfie camera on the tablet as well.

Acer Iconia Tab 10: Performance

Acer Iconia comes with the high-end professor and enough RAM to support all the latest games. You will find MediaTek MT8163 processor. The processor is enough to support the 1200 pixel screen of the tablet and you will not feel any lag switching from one application to another. With the clock speed of 1.5 GHz; the A40 chip provides exceptional performance as well.

Acer Iconia Tablet is one of the most sold laptops in the world due to its nifty features. If you compare acer tablets prices; you will notice that the Acer Iconia provide good value.

Lenovo Ideapad 510S Review, Specifications and Features

Lenovo 510S offers ultra-thin design and awesome features that many high-end laptops lack. The laptop provides the all-around gaming performance that many entry-level laptops lack. Lenovo has been under the ax for not introducing any new machine with worthy specifications. The new Lenovo 510S is a marvel introduced by the company and if you compare Lenovo laptop prices with other brands; you will notice that the laptops manufactured by the company boasts high-end specifications and have a small price tag.

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Lenovo Ideapad 510S – Design and Features

Lenovo is popular for introducing laptops with different size variants and they have introduced the new Lenovo IdeaPad 510S in 13 and 15-inch size variants. Furthermore; this is the entry-level laptop that has the sub-par price of $450. The laptop has nifty design features such as the metal backlit keyboard. The laptop is available in red and silver color with black interior features. The laptop is 19.3 mm thick and weighs only 1.7KG and its setup gives a lot of resembles with Asus Zenbook and MacBook. With extra size comes extra features as well. You will find three USB 3.0 ports on the laptop, headphone jack and, HDMI port, Ethernet port. You will also find SD reader on the laptop as well. With the backlit keyboard; you can perform all the tasks with ease. The laptop also boasts long-lasting battery life and you will get multiple brightness levels in the laptops.

Lenovo Ideapad 510S – Screen and Audio

The IdeaPad 510S comes with the IPS LCD technology and provide better viewing angles and the colors are on-point. Apart from this; you will get better black levels on the screen as well. The 14-inch laptop comes with the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The new windows also provide the option of scaling the text and images to 150 percent and thus; you can easily read the text on your laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad 510S – Performance

The laptop also shines in the performance department and you will find Core i3-6100U processor in the laptop. Apart from this; the laptop also comes with Intel Core i5 and Core i7. You can either purchase the laptop with 128GB and 256GB SSD hard drive. Alongside the powerful processor; you will also get the integrated graphics card in the laptop that can help you to play the latest games as well. You will also find different connectivity options on the laptop as well. You will also find an HD camera in the laptop that is perfect for video conferencing but does not produce high-quality images. High-speed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 is also present on the laptop.

This is the ultimate laptop with high-end features. Lenovo 510S comes with an anti-glare screen that provides vibrant colors. The laptop provides more power than the other entry-level laptops and you can play all the high-end games as well. To get the latest information about the prices and features of the laptop; you compare laptop prices online using a good price comparison engine.

Tablet Buying Guide: The Best Five Revolutionary Tablets

Tablet seems to lose momentum, but they still have their interest. To surf comfortably from your couch, to play videos on the move, to play, or even to work, you can find them at all sizes and at all prices. Here are the best revolutionary tablets that established their name in the market. The iPad has really launched the genre, with a 9.7-inch tablet, a format that remains today a good compromise between ease of use and portability. The 7 or 8-inch mini tablets offer a narrower space for content, but unparalleled portability, which allows them to slip into any bag. These models, often very affordable, are also ideal for watching videos, especially for their children.

If we Compare Tablets Prices and it’s specifications with the last two years have seen the arrival of more and more large-format tablets, often associated with a cover/keyboard (optional or supplied), and turning in particular Windows 10. Inaugurated by Surface Pro of Microsoft, the hybrid tablet is halfway between mobile device and laptop. We have selected those that are closer to the first, or have a basic model to meet a use mainly tablet type.

Apple iPad Mini 4 (64 GB): the big return of the little iPad

Apple iPad Mini 4

After a generation without major evolution, the iPad Mini 4 is finally an iPad Air 2 miniature, or almost: its processor is a little slower, not enough for it to be really noticeable. Thinner than its predecessors, the iPad Mini 4 incorporates a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and 2 GB of RAM that allow it to be compatible with Split View mode. The screen has not moved but it is closer to the glass, which reduces the glare. Side autonomy, we stay in the ten hours of the range. Power, portability, autonomy, what more? Can be a basic capacity to 32 GB, in the absence of Micro SD slot.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z4: Thin, Powerful, and Water Resistant

Sony Xperia Tablet Z4.jpg
The Sony Xperia Tablet Z4 is not only one of the best Android tablets available today, but it’s also the only one that can take a bath! Resistant to fresh water like all smartphones and tablets in the Z range.  Sony has also equipped its tablet with a design finesse and a lightness admirable, a very beautiful QHD screen, and a data sheet at the top: Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB Internal storage and Micro SD slot. A 4G version is also available, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016: Balanced and Affordable

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A had an old-fashioned aftertaste, especially because of a screen resolution not exceeding that of the first iPad. Samsung has significantly revised its copy upward with the Galaxy Tab A 2016, since this 10-inch tablet, without reaching the level of a high-end and comparing Samsung tablets specifications, it has interesting features for its price: 1920 x 1200 screen, 16 pixels Go storage with Micro SD slot, 2 GB of RAM, and a processor at Exynos Octo-heart at 1.6 GHz. What watch movies and series in Full HD, and play relatively comfortable, especially since the battery of 7,300 mAh seems to ensure sufficient endurance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB): The Rolls of Hybrid Tablet

 Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Hybrid Tablet, a Windows showcase, continues to improve from generation to generation. Even thinner and lighter than the previous one, it sees its performance improved while its screen in 3/2 format is always ideal, in portrait mode as landscape. Obviously, it is its hybrid side that is all its interest: the Core i5 or i7 versions, better equipped for greedy tasks although noisier, replacing quite a laptop. We can obviously add a Type Cover, also in net progress. The pen is provided!

Asus Transformer Book T101HA: the return of the small hybrid Windows

Asus Transformer Book T101HA.png

Asus created the least popularized concept of the hybrid tablet with its Transformer since declined in many models, including Transformer Book T100 Windows. By Comparing Asus tablets, T101HA has the same concept: a small 10-inch tablet, a detachable keyboard, and an aggressive price, which positions the product in an interesting way. Asus has reviewed the brightness of the screen, the connection (USB 3.0) and can now return the screen relative to the keyboard. The configuration remains modest: Intel Atom X5, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of eMMC flash storage. Suffice to say that we will not do much more than office automation, surfing, and video, but precisely, the T100HA is aimed at users whose needs are within this limit.

Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Review

The first surface tablet was introduced five years ago and got huge commercial success. Microsoft marketed it as the ultimate tablet but it had a lot of flaws. Fast forwarding five years; the surface pro tablet has received different buffs in terms of performance and durability. Microsoft has been using the Chrome OS in most of their laptops from the past years and they are now planning to launch all the new laptops with Windows OS. If you compare laptops prices online; you will notice that the laptop comes with the high value and is available with a small price tag. Here is the breakdown of Microsoft Surface Pro laptop:

microsoft laptops - Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro: Design

The laptop features a 13.5-inch screen that provides sharp and crisp results and has less bezel around the screen. This is one of the only few laptops that have the resemblance to the Apple laptop. The laptop is made of a single aluminum frame which makes it lightweight as well. Although; you will find aluminum body in the laptop but the keyboard is not made of the same element and you will find soft and easy to use keys on the keyboard. There is 1.5 mm distance in the keys that also improves your speed and this is one of the best laptops with a soft keyboard.

The thin body of the laptop gives it an aesthetic look as there are no speakers in the laptop to take additional space. You will find the headphone jack on the laptop that can be connected to any external speakers. Apart from this; you will also find USB 3.0 port, Mini Display port and the docking port on the laptop. The overall thickness of the laptop is 14.8 mm which makes it thinner than Dell XPS machine.

Microsoft Surface Pro: Performance

You will find Intel Core i5 processor on the laptop and it also features 8 GB of RAM. HP Specter performs better in terms of processing but also has a higher price tag. Intel HD 620 graphics card can also be found in the machine to provide the much-needed boost in performance and speed. The 256 GB SSD hard drive can help you to store the important document and the transfer rate is also faster than the normal HDD. You will also find a 720p camera on the tablet for video conferencing and skype calls. The overall image quality of the camera is not as good as other industry leaders.

The only drawback is the Surface laptop is that the laptop comes with Windows 10 S; which is a limited version of Windows 10 and has fewer features. Overall; this is a nice machine for students and professionals. If you are planning to buy a new laptop; then you should do your research and compare Microsoft laptops prices over the web to make sure that you find a good deal over the internet. You should also look for seasonal sales such as Black Friday, Thanks, giving, and Christmas as many online vendors drastically drop the price of different consumer goods.

Best MSI Laptops of 2017

MSI is a Taiwanese company that has been in operations for the past three decades. The laptop manufacturer has been making headlines in the gaming laptop genre because they are one of the pioneers in the gaming laptop scene. The company has branch offices in different parts of the world and can be credited for manufacturing high-end laptops from the last decade. If you compare laptops prices among MSI and other brands; then you will notice that the laptops offer great value to the users. Here are some of the best MSI laptops in the world right now.

best msi laptops

MSI CX62 Laptop:

As MSI is not accustomed to making business laptop; it was very hard for them to manufacture the right product for the customers. With the CX62; the company has silenced the critics and has manufactured a high-end fusion of business and gaming machine. The machine is powered by Intel Core i5 processor and has 8 GB DDR4 RAM. In this laptop; you will find 1TB storage as well and an additional NVidia graphics card is also installed in the system to boost its performance.

This business machine is capable of connecting two external monitors as well. The anti-glare screen provides high-end results as well. The laptop is also available in 17.6-inch variant as well.

MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-069:

The laptop was released in 2017 and it is the portable and lightweight laptop. The laptop comes with a 14-inch screen but the antiglare screen helps you to enjoy the games like you are playing on a high-resolution screen. The laptop can play all the latest games with the help of Core i7 processor and 6GB DDR5 RAM. You will get 1TB HDD and 128 GB SSD hard drives on the laptop. The NVidia GeForce graphics card is also present in the laptop which makes it VR ready as well. Arguably; this is one of the best gaming laptops of 2017. The backlit keyboard also gives the laptop an esthetic sense.

MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro-230

MSI GS63VR is another great addition to the lineup of MSI. This is a bulky and traditional looking laptop manufactured by the company. The laptop also supports VR games and applications. For playing the latest VR games on the laptop; you will find Intel Core i7 processor in the laptop. Apart from this; the 16 GB DDR4 RAM provides enough power to run all the latest games without dropping fps. You will find huge internal space on the laptop with the help of 2 TB HDD and 256GB SSD hard drive.

There is no shortage of power and performance on the laptop; as the top of all the high-end things; you will also get NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card with 6 GB DDR5 RAM. The 15.6-inch screen provides 1080p result and provides high nits of brightness. With all the latest performance features; you will also get best design features on the laptop as well.

Compare MSI laptops prices before making a purchase decision. The laptops have different specifications and price, and by comparing; you can find the right mix of value and price.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 Review, Release Date and Rumors

Apple has just released the 2017 model of the MacBook Pro and this machine is a pure class and is the main contender for the best laptop of 2017. Apple has introduced many new features this year and laptops price comparison revealed that the laptop offers the good feature to price ratio. The laptop is one of the top selling laptops in the world and we are looking with nifty eyes on to the next model that the company has to offer. Here is the look at all the latest rumors that are surrounding the MacBook Pro 2018:

apple mackbook pro

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Design

Apple released the new look of MacBook Pro in 2016 and we would be surprised to see any new changes in the laptop design. Though; the Apple MacBook comes in silver and space grey laptop and there is a strong chance that new colors will also be introduced in the 2018’s market. Another rumor that is circulating the market is that the company will introduce the Gold color for the consumer laptop and the silver and space grey color will be for business laptops.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Screen

The current 15.4-inch laptop comes with 2880 x 1800 pixels and that is less than most of the laptops in the same price range. It is expected that the new laptop will come with 4K video support. The image sharpness in the Dell Precision is also better than the MacBook and they are also planning to upgrade the DCI panel to increase the overall picture quality of the laptop. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also shared that the lack of touchscreen is also haunting them and it will likely be added to the next year’s model.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Technical Specifications

Currently, the MacBook is offering less RAM than the competitor and it is expected that the laptop will get a RAM boost and 32 GB RAM will be offered on the laptop. The Ryzen 7 chip offers good performance but it is nowhere close to the i7 processor that is used in most windows laptop. The company is planning to introduce a new technology next year to ensure that Apple users get the same speed that the other users get in Windows. It is also rumored that the apple is working towards the new processing technology and are planning to manufacture their new processor.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Battery

The 2016 model of Apple computer had 10 hours of battery life and the 2017 model saw the decline in the battery life due to a bug in the Safari application and other developer tools in the system. This year; the company has vowed to provide more than 12 hours of battery life as they are also making changes in the OS and processor.

Apple MacBook 2018 will be released in October next year and will have the same price as this year’s model. If you compare apple laptops prices from past years; you will see no significant changes in them.