Steps to Follow When it Comes to Buying Washing Machines

Spending a handsome amount of money on a good washing machine is absolutely not an easy task, considering an extensive range of washing machine manufacturer available on the market nowadays. Ahead certain factors like price range, you should pay attention to several other important aspects when it comes to buying a right clothes washer for your home, apartment setups or even business.

Before we get started, always compare Washing Machines Best Prices Online so that you can get your desired product at unmatched rates.

How Much Capacity Load You Need?

It depends on how many family members you are. If the size of your family is 4 or less, go for 4 cubic feet as its more than enough, unless you plan on washing things such as pillows or duvets.

Choose from Front Load or Top Load

As compared to top load machines, front load machines are more energy efficient and don’t create a lot of noise, but often have had odour issues.

Check Energy Star Ratings

Quality-oriented washing machines normally have the rating of 4 or 5, with rating 5 being the highest a washer can get. It indicates that it can save up to 25% of your electricity and water usage as well.

Noise Level and Vibration

The washing machines which are loaded with Direct-Drive motor technology, usually work with less noise. This technology eliminates the use of belts, hence reduces needless amounts of part vibrations.

Make a List of Brands You Like

Some of the top-tier brands include Miele, Simpson, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, LG, Samsung, Electrolux, and Whirlpool. All these brands are known for their durability and features.

Write Down Special Features You Need

Just like all other home appliances, Washing Machines are equipped with numerous dazzling features. For example, some washing machines offer unique Silver Wash technology (uses Silver particles to effectively remove bacteria up to 99%) to keep your clothes mold-free up to two weeks.

Read Consumer Reviews

Before getting your hands on one, make sure you have reviewed users’ comments about the model you have selected to buy. There are so many independent review sources you can find online by typing “Washing Machine reviews”.

Compare the performance of Brands

Give 0 points for the worst and 10 points for the best in the category. Make sure you have put these essential things in comparison: Load Capacity, Vibration and Noise Level, Energy Start Ratings, Cleaning Effectiveness, Size Dimension, Weight and Unique Washing Features. is an Australian based price comparison shopping website help users compare Washing Machines Best Prices in Australia with ease. All major stores across Australia are right here on a single page making much easier to analyze and go for the lowest-priced one. For this instance, you won’t only save bucks but will get an instant discount as well. So what’s the wait?


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