IPhone 8 vs. iPhone 7 plus: Which is the best?

Apple has introduced few outstanding devices in the recent past, and iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 are examples of these. Both smartphones are packed with some unbelievable and unmatched features. Especially, Apple iPhone 8 64GB mobile phone is an exceptional device to purchase this year. Even though it is more costly too. If you are confused about which one to pick between these, read this article so you can easily decide your best match.

iphone 8 plus

Display and Design

iPhone comes with an average smartphone 4.7’’ display while on the other hand, iPhone 7 Plus consists of 5.5’’ large display. So, if you are considering to buy large display phone then iPhone 7 Plus should be your prior choice; however, iPhone 8 Plus version offers the same display dimensions as iPhone 7 Plus does.

Moreover, iPhone 8 has added the True Tone feature inside the device. Due to this, the temperature automatically adjusted according to the display that makes you enable to view the screen in the dark.

The main difference between both the mobile phones is that iPhone 8 has a glass back while iPhone 7 Plus was released with an aluminum unibody design.

Waterproof Capability

Apple retained the IP67 water and dust proof resistance feature in the new iPhone 8 as well. So either you choose iPhone 7 Plus or Apple iPhone 8 64GB mobile phone, you will remain protected from water drop, water splash, or even from dust or dirt.


As discussed earlier, Apple iPhone 7 Plus was considered one of the top-rated smartphones of 2016, backed by A10 fusion Quad Core chip and 6 Core graphics GPU. This 64-bit A10 Fusion was almost 40% faster than the A9 chip. And 3GB of RAM was not bad either. Inversely, iPhone 8 includes the A11 bionic chip which has the same 10nm process as the Snapdragon 835 processor. And amazingly this new chip is even 25% more fast than its previous chip, which is specifically manufactured to power the latest and premium apps.

As far as battery power and life are concerned, iPhone 7 Plus is loaded with 2900mAh long-lasting battery that offers an extra hour of battery life compared to its predecessor with having 21 hours of talk time. On the other hand, 1821mAh Li-on battery power of iPhone 8 seems less on paper but it is very much comparable to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Wireless charging feature is also included.


Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus mobile phones come with the same 12 MP primary shooter with OIS and aperture of f/1.8. Front selfie camera is also brilliant that has an ability to take bright and crisp photos.


The iPhone 7 Plus is almost $100 more expensive as compared to its previous model. But it is still cheaper than the new iPhone 8. If you are comparing Apple iPhone 8 64GB mobile phones price in Australia, you will notice that you can’t buy this impeccable device under $1000.


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