Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Nokia 5 than other Android or iPhones

After a long time, Nokia has been come back in the world of smartphones under its new owners along with numerous affordably priced and a wide list of unremarkable phones. Since its announcement at MWC 2017, thousands of people had their eyes on the Nokia 5. It’s a beautiful aluminum unibody design made it a real standout for a smartphone at this price. But why you should buy this phone? In this Article, we’re going to share what are the reasons you should go for Nokia 5 without any doubt.

nokia 5

Unique Design

The best thing about Nokia 5 is its unique and physical design. It makes you feel every bit as nice as much more expensive handsets. It comes with soft round edges so you can hold it with ease. More than this, Nokia 5 16GB Mobile Phone comes with fingerprint sensor into the home button as well as the volume control and power buttons are on the right-hand side. It also has microSD card expansion which lets you add an extra 256GB of storage.


As compared to the other top-tier manufacturers that force on customizing Android and preinstalling a bunch of their apps, Nokia has gone the idealist route. Nokia 5 comes with a complete stock version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat so say goodbye to bloatware or unfamiliar overlays. Interestingly, Nokia 5 has Google’s stock Android operating system which only comes in Nexus and Pixel devices.


Nokia 5 has a 5.2-inch HD ISP display which supports the maximum resolution of 1280 pixels by 720 pixels with Corning Gorilla Glass. In Addition, as per the test report of the i1Display Pro, it reached a searing 578cd/m2. It’s counted as the brightest display by the majority of the people who have laid their eyes on. Even in the mid-day glare, you won’t have any viewing problems.

Major Features & Specs

Nokia 5 has plenty of dazzling features such as a fingerprint scanner on the home button, 5.2-inch HD display and it runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon along with 2GB of RAM. It also has 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded up to 256GB via external microSD card. Additionally, Nokia 5 is equipped with a 13MP camera on the back along with a flash while an 8MP sensor sits at the front.


One of the major reasons why Nokia 5 did very well in a price-sensitive market like Australia was its aggressive pricing. Apparently, SIM-free Nokia 5 Mobile Phone prices in Australia start from $229, but it can be found on contract starting from almost $21 a month. However, it’s not short of competitors such as Lenovo P2, Smart V8, Moto G5, G4 and new Honor 6A. As compared to the other competitors, Nokia 5 is available in four colors – Silver, Black, Blue, and Copper.


Nokia 5 is loaded with eight-core 1.4GHz Snapdragon 430 CPU and 2GB of RAM which is considered to be ideal for multitasking. Moreover, if you’re playing a game and you have few tabs opened in Chrome in the background, you’ll see the phone struggling to keep up. Though Nokia 5 can cope with anything you throw at it when it comes to single tasks.


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