Different Types and Tips to buy a Breast Pump for Your Child


In this article, you will know about the types of Breast Pump and the tips to buy the breast pump which suits you the best. Moreover, you will get a comprehensive knowledge about the manual as well as the electric breast pump which finally help you to decide the perfect pump for you.

Consult the Staff Lactation Consultant

During your time at hospital, you should better consult your staff lactation consultant and et their recommendation is this connection. She might guide you as well how to use it.  But if still you are undecided, then do not try to open it unless you are sure that you are going to use it as once its seal is opened then it would not be returned.

Variety brings Comparison

You can also find a variety of these pumps available online where you can also have the privilege to know about price comparison which different companies are offering along with their respective efficiencies. In this way, you would also be able to get full benefit of your money.

3 Types of Breast Pump:

  1. Hospital-grade pumps

Hospital-grade pumps are the most powerful and effective pumps. The mothers who are separated from their babies due to some complications on either side normally use this kind of pump. They are also available on rent from stores and hospitals as well. It is because of the fact that some mothers are not sure about breastfeeding, so they just give it a try for some limited time and when they become sure, they buy their own pump. One important factor to take care is that while using a rental pump, its recommended that you buy your own tubes, collection bottles and flanges etc.

  1. Electric pumps

Electric pumps are of single breast or double breast formation and generally are meant for single-user only. Single-user means that they should not be shared with friends etc. Despite the fact that you are using your own equipment yet small drops of milk can still go inside the pump and pass viruses and bacteria.

If you are to pump daily, then go for double-breast model. Electric pump is the most effective and efficient for pumping as it closely follow baby’s sucking pattern. Your aim is not mere pumping, but to keep up this supply of milk. That is why, a high quality pump spends around 15 minutes for a pumping session. Electric pump generally come with accessories like a case, collection containers, cooling carrier, storage bags, or even bottles and nipples etc. Decide and invest wisely, when you are to buy an electric pump as with pumps like this, you should really get what you pay for and it really is worth buying.

On the contrary, single-breast pumps are less efficient but are smaller in size and cheaper in price. They are indeed good options for those mothers who are away from their children some several hours a week but want to enjoy the efficiency and speed of an electric pump.

  1. Manual pumps

Manual pumps are not only smaller in size but they are simpler to use than their electric pumps. As it shows by their name, they are operated by a squeezable hand pump. It is generally used by working mothers who normally depend on double-breast pumps mostly like to have a manual pump. They used to keep it in their purse for emergencies. Particularly in the early weeks of child birth, when normally breasts become enlarged. The mothers who stay at home also like to use it when they are to live away from their babies for some time or for some cause.

Last but not the least, It is advisable to you that you should better go for a high quality manual pump than to buy a lower quality single electric pump. Moreover, you should decide about your pump after gone through some trustworthy price and brand comparison site.

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