How to Buy the Best TV in 2016?


With the advancement in TV technology, there is so much to look at when purchase a brand new TV. Now TV’s not only show satellite programs but also let you record your favorite shows, songs, and movies. What more? You can even use internet due to smart TV technology. You can browse the webpages, view the email, and even download any kind of video or audio.When it comes to viewing, we have entered to a new level with the HD and 3D technology. Here, we are discussing the most important considerations to buy a brand new TV in 2016.

What are the Big Brands of TV?

As far as TV brands are concerned, there is not a very large list to remember. Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Philips are the most recognised brands. However, Samsung and Sony are the top two most considerable brands of TV. All these brands offer TV’s in a wide range of types and sizes.


Well, if you are confused what technology is better in TV, LED or LCD? Then, for your kind information, LED TV is the latest or advanced version of LCD.  However, both provide almost same kinds of features with flat and slim screen, high resolution, better contrast and realistic colors. LED TVs are little expensive comparing with LCD TVs. But, if you are not limited to budget then you must go for the latest version of LED TV (i.e. OLED TV). For LED price comparison, check some of the best price comparison sites available on the internet and compare your favorite brand.

Which Size will work Best?

TVs are available in variety of sizes, from 26’’ to 60’’ and 60’’ plus. Well, if you are searching to buy a TV for your bedroom or kitchen then 32’’ to 40’’ are the ideal ranges. It depends on your budget too. If you are searching to buy a high quality TV in Australia, there are some highly reputed websites that provide best comparison in Australia. If your priority is 3D, bigger size is better. With having a 55’’ and 60’’ 3D TV, you can even increase your viewing distance up to 10 ft. and more. If you are confused about choosing the right screen size, screen size-viewing distance calculators are available on the Internet.

What Resolution is better?

Resolution is one of the most important considerations while buying a new TV. Resolution can be categorised as standard definition and high definition or HD. If you are limited in budget, standard definition TV will work best for you. However, if you are looking for better quality viewing, HD is best. By adding some extra dollars, you can even purchase the advance version of HD, named UHD (Ultra High Definition). UHD TVs are also called 4K, means they can increase resolution of HD up to 4x. Full HD TV’s have a res of almost 1920 x 1080 px with a 16:9 screen.

What about curved Televisions?

Some of the biggest and well-known brands are now introducing curved screen TVs in the market. So what is this technology?  Well, this idea is almost identical to the traditional CRT TVs. The main difference in curved TVs are that their curve is inwards instead of outwards. This technology offers some great benefits to the user such as more immense viewing due to the peripheral vision, powerful sense of depth even with 2D, and more noticeable contrast.

But wait, because curve TVs have some cons also associated with it. First, they can’t be hang properly on the wall. And they are also available in limited sizes. Furthermore, with over 35 degree angles, images become distorted and seems blur.

What other specifications are important?

Other considerations include smart TV and active and passive 3D technologies. Through smart TV technology, you can download thousands of exceptional apps and connect with social media.  For hassle-free home networking, select a product with the DLNA streaming tag, which is compatible among all DLNA TV devices. WiFi is another utility that is very useful in the modern networking environments.


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